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The Research On The Early Warning Mechanism For Public Emergencies

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, more serious terrorist attacks, economic security and foreign public e-mergency events such as social security events are also increasingly elevated to the national and social concerns and resolve category. International and domestic various types of natural disasters, terrorist events, poisoning, accidents, traffic accidents and infectious disease outbr-eaks have occurred. Our country local government for public emergencies early warning me-chanism to the western developed countries started late, still did not have a set of complete systems of theory system for guidance. In addition, the public emergency early warning me-chanism research is opposite less, more is more macroscopical, simple description, generally dispersed in crisis management research, just as a small chapter to discuss, study of systemic and thorough enough, operability is not strong, practice the relative lack of experience. This article through to the early warning mechanism of local government to save the role, to avoid or at least reduce the sudden public incident caused the loss or damage. Try to sudden public events was fading in not formation, or if failed to prevent the occurrence of sudden public ev-ents, but also can reduce the harm, and choose the correct plan provided, avoid sudden public events into crisis; enhance the emergency response and scientific decision-making, through the understanding of the source and hazard warning degree in alarm, inaccurate or cause cha-os and pay cost and not to alarm the losses suffered by the trade-off, identify action points and provide recommendations for action.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sudden public events, early warning mechanism, precautionary measures, national security
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