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Study On Rights And Interests Of Aged Land-lost Peasants

Posted on:2014-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up, China’s social has undergone huge transformation from traditional agricultural society to modern industrial society and from a planned economy to a market economy which makes our country to undergo huge changes in just thirty years. World Bank experts believe the risk to transform the command economy to the market economy is same as the transition from the rural-agricultural society to the urban industrial society. In the modern industrial countries, they took several centuries to transform. But in China, it only takes the time of a generation or two generations to achieve the process, which emergences the contradictions and land-lost peasants.Land-lost peasant-a special social group appears because of numerous land to be expropriated on the condition of accelerating China’s industrialization and urbanization. The emergence of land-lost peasants won’t cause any contradictions. However, it will become an enormous obstacle to social stability and economic development if landless peasant’rights have been infringed on the condition of the peasants to the landless peasants. How to solve the aged problems of land-lost peasants at the same time the growing phenomenon of the aging of the population will become a very important duty. It will relate to the progress of China’s industrialization and urbanization, as well as the realization of social justice and the building of a harmonious society.There are three chapters in the paper which introduces the aged problems of land-lost peasants.The first chapter describes the theoretical issues of the aged problems of land-lost peasants.At the first, it defines the concept of land-lost peasants and the old-age problems of land-lost peasants.secondly, it analyses the cause of the aged problems of land-lost peasants.The second chapter describes the status of the aged problems of land-lost peasants on the abuses of the expropriation of the land, the lack of land-lost peasants’interests, the weakening of traditional family pension mode and the shortage of the insurance system on land-lost peasants. The third chapter is the core chapter in the paper. It introduces measures about protection the aged land-lost peasants including the building of new family mode, and how to protect the land-lost peasants on law, system and the land policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:land-lost peasants, the expropriation of the land, rights and interests ofaged land-lost peasants, pension insurance
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