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Protection For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In The Perspective Of Economic Law

Posted on:2014-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Whether developed countries or developing countries, small and medium-sizedenterprises in the national economy has become an increasingly important role. Smalland medium-sized enterprises in the improvement of people’s livelihood, promotecultural prosperity, regional economic development, and promote scientific andtechnological innovation, optimize the industrial structure, safeguard social stability andcreating social wealth plays an irreplaceable role. Protection of small and medium-sizedenterprises is a hot topic, the theoretical circle about how small and medium-sizedenterprises from various angles protect already formed a relatively complete point ofview, and that from the existing literature about the protection of small andmedium-sized enterprises is a legal problem or a financial problem is anyone guess.Had no intention of playing to the gallery, this paper aims to provide a new train ofthought, from the Angle of economic law to answer: why do you want to protect smalland medium-sized enterprises and how to protect small and medium-sized enterprises,to carry out in full. From the height of the theory, from the dimension of practiceaccount.This paper is divided into five chapters, the first chapter, the define standards forsmall businesses were reviewed in this paper, definition of small and medium-sizedenterprise standard is know for small and medium-sized enterprises and make the policyfor the protection of small and medium-sized enterprises, the basis of the combinationof different stages of Taiwan area small and medium-sized enterprise standards, todefine standards for small and medium-sized enterprises. Then the definition ofmainland area for small and medium-sized enterprises in our country standard gives theprocess of evolution. Summarizes the theory of small and medium enterprises to protect,it is of both academic study to show the "small and medium enterprises to protect thetheory of value", this chapter focuses on the "biological evolution theory,"Biologicalevolution theory" from the enterprise life cycle, tells the story of "big" and "small"dialectical relationship;"The weak advantage theory" from the big enterprises and smalland medium-sized enterprises in contrast, show small businesses have the advantagebecause of the"small"."Intergrowth theory" from the big enterprises and small andmedium-sized enterprises through cooperation, produce joint effort, to play theirstrengths.The second chapter in this paper, predicament and the reason analysis for small business. Plight of small and medium-sized enterprises in financing difficulties, thesmall and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult is a worldwide difficult problem,the plight of small and medium-sized enterprises subject to the current financial systeminertia, the state-owned joint-stock Banks monopoly on credit capital, at the same timeshow the trend of financing tilted to large enterprises, low weight of loans to small andmedium-sized enterprises for a long time. Small and medium-sized enterprises are underthe discriminatory treatment, gradually marginalized. Unbalanced development in thefinancial market and capital market system is not sound, difficult to provide diversifiedfinancing channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, makes it hard for itself fromthe formal financial channels for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprisesdown. Small and medium-sized enterprises lack of credit system, increased thedifficulty of financing. From the government level, the lack of policy support andinnovation of small and medium-sized enterprise itself is also the important reason forthe plight of small and medium-sized enterprises.This article third chapter and fourth chapter is the core of this paper, is to supportthe theoretical foundation of this paper, is also the largest concentration of lis. Beforereceiving the first articles both scholars based on the theory of small and medium-sizedenterprises protection, put forward his theoretical and practical significance forprotection of small and medium-sized enterprises, from small businesses to protect twoaspects of theoretical value and practical significance. The theoretical value of the smalland medium-sized enterprises to protect from help to achieve economic democracy,economic freedom, economic fairness, economic security answered by four angles. Andsmall and medium-sized enterprise the realistic significance of the protection is toimprove people’s livelihood, promote cultural prosperity, regional economicdevelopment. The fourth chapter is to continue to the third chapter, small and mediumenterprises to protect the value and economic value of the correspondence, from theheight of the full text answered why protect the small and medium-sized enterprisesfrom the perspective of economic law.Chapter5on the basis of adhering to the above answers from the perspective ofeconomic law how to protect the small and medium-sized enterprises, put forward fromthe actively promote small and medium-sized enterprise financing system reform andinnovation, guide the establishment of the small and medium-sized enterprise financingservices, increase the intensity of fiscal and tax support, promote enterprise innovationinvestment, perfect the small and medium-sized enterprise financing policy laws and regulations, protect the small and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sizedenterprise asset securitization.
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