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Xi’an Badminton Club Of Consumer Groups In Exercise Leisure Behavior Model Research

Posted on:2013-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371467938Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The Enter the new in one thousand, with the rapid development of economy, people’s living level also rapid ascension. People pay more and more attention to the quality of the life, the spare life more colorful. In many of the amateur life, people pay more attention on the body of exercise, many leisure sports activities favored by everybody, one of the most representative is badminton.Badminton movement because of their peculiar interest, recreational, systemic, simplicity, makes the badminton movement swept the country quickly become the recreational sports fitness way. In people daily badminton fitness activities, because a lot of factors that they make a distinctive groups-badminton club. The members of the club in accordance with the provisions of the internal expressly or without the custom of the conventional, and gradually formed a fixed pattern of activity that badminton leisure behavior patterns.This paper to xi an badminton club consumer groups as the research object, and through the literature material, field investigation, documents survey and mathematical statistics, the Xi’an city of badminton club consumption group badminton leisure behavior model research, the research content including badminton club consumption group selection badminton fitness methods for the reason and badminton leisure behavior model how to produce.The results show that:1Xi’an badminton club crowd men more than women, are based on the stable work, at the age of30,50is given priority to, most of their income in3000-10000yuan between, generally have received higher education, mostly in college or above degree.2Badminton movement characteristic is movement of the systemic, simplicity, interesting and entertaining. Because this demographic profile of the crowd and the characteristics of badminton sport, the two decided to choose this kind of crowd as the cause of the leisure badminton.3Xi’an badminton club of badminton leisure behavior patterns crowd is:by education degree is higher, stable work and more regular income, a relatively stable and main body of middle-aged and young people in Xi’an city six district determinants of regional and sports leisure culture atmosphere of the common influence, the independent use badminton as the leisure activity means, the crowd in a certain system constraints plays the role of the ball friend regularly to improve health and rich life goals. 4Xi’an badminton club crowd of leisure behavior model is according to exercise "motivation, need--behavior--relationship-system" patterns of behavior of the formation of the development of logical rules, accord with sociology behavior pattern formation of general rules.5For badminton have the same interests, Xi’an badminton club crowd through certain social behavior standards, role, and other ways to create fitness entertainment opportunities, such already have the effect of social communication, and enriching people’s spare life, to achieve the win-win result. This is the citizens of the causes of leisure behavior produce badminton, is beneficial to the improvement of the quality of Xi’an citizens and the formation of a good city spirit, also be helpful for city sports leisure activity towards a more scientific and sustainable development, promote the city to a more harmonious direction.
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