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Australian Tertiary Education Quality And Standard Service Quality Supervision

Posted on:2013-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371975896Subject:Comparative Education
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Australia higher education has a good fame in the world,it is associated with the development of education assurance system.After20years of development, the Australian federal government,state and territory governments, universities, Australia University Quality Agency, Australia Qualification Framework carry out their duties, has already become a well education quality assurance system. With the rapid development of higher education, however, the original quality assurance system has been unable to promote the quality of higher education in Australia. So Australia established a new higher education quality assurance agency in2011--Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency,TEQSA as an independent agency will regulate and assure the quality of Australia’s large, diverse and complex higher education sector,and began a new reform of higher education.This dissertation, based on comparative method, analysis how TEQSA monitor the education quality and risk regulation. In the first part, it provides a review of studies on the quality assurance development and situation of higher education in Australia. On the second chapter,it reviews the history of Australia original quality assurance system and their roles and functions. Third chapter analyzes the TEQSA established background as well as institutions and functions, organization members and their responsibilities. Chapter4by explaining the TEQSA regulatory basis-《Higher Education Standards Framework--Threshold Standards》and the original standards and procedures to analyzes the advantages and features of the access standards. Chapter5contains the details about the purpose and roles of TEQSA risk regulation, policies and methods, the effective integration of information collection, analysis of risk categories indicators and risk regulation steps, presents a whole picture of the operation of a national independent nonprofit higher education quality agency regulatory model and method. The sixth chapter summarizes the basic characteristics of TEQSA and collects the valuable experience in order to improve our own higher education quality.
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