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A Study On The Course Accreditation Of Tertiary Education Quality And Standards Agency In Australia

Posted on:2016-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X N YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330461950148Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The system of higher education in Australia was established relatively late, but it can become one of the countries with high degree of internationalized and popularized Higher Education in a short period of time.The sustainable development of Higher Education in both the quality and the scale rely on Australia’s higher education quality assurance system. In the process of self-improvement, Australian higher education gradually formed their own characteristics and style. In July 2011 Australia established a new higher education quality assurance agency---Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, which started a new round of innovation in Australia Higher Education Quality Assurance System.This dissertation,based on the new reform of Australia higher education quality assurance, analysis the course accreditation of TEQSA. Australia has a centralized system of higher education quality assurance. It has set up a unified national audit institution to guarantee the external quality of High Education. In the preface part, it provides a review of studies on the quality assurance system of Australia higher education, especially studies about TEQSA. In order to grasp the system and the modern of quality assurance of higher education in Australia from the macroscopic perspective, the dissertation comb the development process of TEQSA by the historical method. On this basis, the thesis focuses on courses accreditation of Quality Assurance System, and analyses the system of accreditation and the operation of the system: Section 2 explores the operator of course accreditation 一 TEQSA, by analyzing the Act, the institutions, the responsibilities and the characteristics of TEQSA; To introduce the system of accreditation in detail, section 3 presents the contents of the TEQSA course accreditation basis 一《Higher Education Standards Framework--Threshold Standards》and summarizes its features; Section 4 explains the concrete implementation standards and procedures of course accreditation, meanwhile contains the functions and roles of TEQSA course accreditation; Based on the in-depth study of the former sections, Section 5 makes a generalized analysis summary of Australian course accreditation focusing on the reference and enlightenment to our quality assurance system of higher education and program evaluation of higher education. Course accreditation in Australia has a professional team; after obtaining the certification, the colleges and universities have the right to recruit students.These measures have a good reference value for our country.
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