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On The Relationship Between The Specialty Setting In Secondary Vocational Schools And Regional Industrial Structure

Posted on:2013-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330374973111Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Modernization requires not only high-tech talents urgently but also skilledpersonnels in high-quality having received a good vocational education. Party and thegovernment have promulgated a series of principles, policies, giving policy support tosecondary vocational education to promote the vigorous development. Nowadays, thesecondary vocational education has focused on quality, connotation from emphasis onquantity. Meanwhile, the Party and the government stress that secondary vocationaleducation has to adapt to regional economic development, to meet the regionalindustrial structure adjustment and upgrading and optimization. The trainedpersonnels should meet the needs of enterprises. Specialty setting is an importantindicator of secondary vocational schools’ development. Only optimizing thespecialty setting, can the specialty structure coordinate with the regional industrialstructure, boost the overall improvement of the level of secondary vocational schoolsand further promote regional economic development.In this paper, the documentary method, investigation approach, analysis andcomparation method and summary method are mainly used. Take the secondaryvocational schools in Hebei Province for the research object. Through analyzing thestatus of their professions, we can know that the specialty coverage of secondaryvocational education in Hebei is broad. It takes the manufacturing classes,information technology as the main specialty structure and so on.Through investigation and analysis, we find that the specialty setting ofsecondary vocational education in Hebei Province and the regional industrialstructure are closely linked. They have formed a mature specialty structure system.By visiting, investigating and analyzing, we find there are still some problems of thespecialty structure in Hebei Province, such as some specialties have a low density, thedegree of aggregation should increase, some specialty enrollment is difficult, regionaldistribution of the specialty lacks rationality, the first industry specialty takes a relatively small proportion, the enrollment ratio of the tertiary industry specialty ismuch higher than the output value and the employment proportion, etc. Theseproblems not only affect the school specialty development to a large extent, but alsocause great confusion and inconvenience to the higher authorities, parents, studentsand enterprises. Thus, according to the practical problems, the targetedcountermeasures to the country, government, schools and society to adjust thespecialty structure in Hebei Province are proposed which can increase the matchdegree of secondary vocational education and regional industrial structure in HebeiProvince.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational schools, specialty setting, regional industrialstructure, adjustment
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