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The Investigation Of The University Student Love And Marriage Question And To Explore Education Method

Posted on:2010-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275497640Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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With the rapid development of the socialist market economy, the Chinese love and marriage culture also has had the huge change, the traditional love and marriage thought with the Western opening sex culture come into being enormous conflict, not only brought to an opportunity for the contemporary college students but also brings about a lot of confused and puzzled , because of love and marriage question that individual classmates move toward the extreme, there were many things that should not occur on campus tragedy. This brings forward the austere problem that love and marriage education of college student. The colleges and universities must pay more attention to love and marriage education that it is important position in university education .To dear about the love and marriage education the direction, seriously , scientifically, to developmental research love and marriage education question , to guide students ;to a correct understanding of love and marriage in life position, as well as which attitude should adopt to facing the love and marriage , to help the student grow up healthy in colleges and universities.This article based on the Xi'an Electronic Science and Technology University 542 undergraduate student's sample investigation results .To investigate and analysis that the university student's love and marriage view , love and marriage ability problem and so on, the found that the phenomenon of college students marriage is very common in colleges and universities, the concept of love and marriage has tremendous changes compared the last century , especially the sexual problem has enhanced tolerance, to show many of the inadequacy in love and marriage ability. One of be disappointed in love and heterosexual contacts become more serious.This article aim at the love and marriage question's main feature in the contemporary university student, it is absorbed that the European and American developed country love and marriage education mature experience's foundation, To bring forward suggestion and measure in enhance the university student love and marriage education: the building of marriage moral and cultural atmosphere , marriage education content and forms of development, Marriage Counseling improve professional skills in college and university , In addition, learn from overseas love and marriage classroom teaching methods, according to the domestic education's reality, the design of one kind of a practical model of classroom teaching—"Adults play house" model for offer reference to teaching staff.This article angle of view that different from the traditional love and marriage education, It is survey that the contemporary youth culture of Love and marriage in the new perspective to look at the goals of marriage education and methods, the purpose that according to younger generation person's standpoint pondered that the younger generation person's love and marriage question, as much as possible to lessen education which cause by generation gap to realize in the process hindrance , The exploration that adapt to the contemporary new youth's love and marriage education idea.
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