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It Outsourcing Research Of Primary And Secondary Schools

Posted on:2013-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330377957319Subject:Modern educational technology
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Since the1990s, China has begun to attach importance to the development of Educational Informationization. Rich teaching resources, varied presentation ways and interactive teaching platform which the educational informatioanztion brings attract most teachers who rely on it widelyAt the present stage, the informatization construction of education system no longer buy lots of hardware equipment after being equipped with large amounts of hardware information equipment. Now, a real practical problem is present:how to maintain and manage the former equipment well in order to avoid the wasting of resources and loss of assets, the switch, UPS power supply, Network line, The PC server, Desktop computer, Notebook computer, Printer, Projector, Video booth, Audio amplifier, Electronic whiteboard and other information equipment which have been used for a long time. This equipment is not under warranty period so that they cannot be repaired for free. The school itself will bear the task of diagnosing, disencumbering and repairing these broken equipment. While this burden basically goes to the information technology teachers. Because of diversity and complexity of equipment, as well as the limited ability of these information technology education teachers, these equipment cannot be repaired well immediately which will definitely affect the normal teaching activities.How to ensure teaching procedure not being affected by the hardware deficiency and How to integrate the information technology teachers from the trivial equipment maintenance work and ensure them to devote their energy and time into educating work which are the difficult problems the administrative departments of education and schools have to face. To solve this problem, one of the best solutions is to implement the educational informationization equipment IT outsourcing by transforming the traditional passive management into initiative service management with the policy of putting prevention first.Shenzhen as China’s first Special Economic Zone with the support of the nation and local government, Education informatization in this place starts earlier and more Capital investment is involved in it. Taking Shenzhen as a research object of the education informatization IT outsourcing in coastal area is Typical, demonstrating and representative. This research takes education informationization equipment IT outsourcing in Shenzhen city as a case study, by analyzing the urgency, feasibility, necessity and value of school education informationization equipment of IT outsourcing and the classifying and analyzing the risks problem with the IT outsourcing which schools faced at the previous exploring time in order to find some General Safeguards.The full text is divided into eight chapters: The first chapter is the introduction which mainly introduced the research background and the main content of research. The value of research and research methods are included in this part.The second chapter is the literature review of IT outsourcing connotation and classification and the research state with their analysis of the IT outsourcing motivation including external cause and internal cause.Tthe research status of the IT outsourcing, the existed risks and how to avoid the risks.The third chapter is the theory foundation of the research mainly including the core competence theory, principal-agent theory,cask theory, comparative advantage theory and transaction cost theory.The fourth chapter is the empirical research of education informationization equipment IT outsourcing in Shenzhen mainly including the purpose of investigation, investigation method, analysis of the survey results and conclusions of the research.The fifth chapter is suggestions about the regional IT outsourcing, equipment classification of IT outsourcing, both stimulation and punishment.The sixth chapter is the conclusion summarizing the research and putting forward the study deficiency.
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