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Research On The Risk Of Finance Outsourcing And Its’ Control Of A Enterprise

Posted on:2015-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330431494933Subject:Business administration
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Companies choose outsourcing to deal with their business financial problems, so enablethe enterprise to get away from the complicated financial management activities, and focuson enhancing their core business. At the same time, this approach also helps to reduceadministrative costs for small and micro enterprises, and improve management efficiency.However, during the process of gaining an advantage through the financial outsourcing, smalland micro enterprises also need to take risks which come from the financial outsourcing. Ifthe small and micro enterprises failed mitigating these risks, they will not only unableachieve the financial outsourcing purposes, but also have potential risk leading to evengreater loss.Based on this, we chose A enterprise as the research object for this article, first of all,discusses the basic theory of financial outsourcing and risk management, laid the theoreticalfoundation for subsequent research. Subsequently, the identification of the risk elements onA business finance outsourcing were analyzed, it start with introduction of A business financeoutsourcing overall status, and the problems related with their finance outsourcing includetheir decision-making risks, execution risks, outsourcing control risks. A second analysis onthe causes of corporate financial outsourcing risks. Including A business management teampoor risk control sense, improper selection of outsourcing vendors, the contract does notregulate or not detailed, and internal and external obstacles and environmental factors.Finally, to address the root cause of A business finance outsourcing risks, put forward thecorresponding risk control strategies, specifically including six main strategies that enhancefinancial management outsourcing decision-making capability, improve finance outsourcingimplementation effectiveness, attention to outsourcing contracts creation, develop andstrengthen training program for retained staff, build a scientific system of risk transferstrategy, well-developed risk retention policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:finance outsourcing, risk management, risk control
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