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Large Public Sports Venues’ Service Outsourcing Risk And Control Mechanism

Posted on:2013-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the global economy and information development, service outsourcingindustries get started quickly, in addition to the wide range of applications ofmanufacturing industry, service industry and other traditional industries, the governmentpublic service and service outsourcing has also obtained the fast development.Government public service outsourcing can increase the number of public services, meetthe social demand, and also can relieve the financial burden, reduce the size of government,improve the efficiency of public services and quality of multiple values. As thegovernment’s public service outsourcing content, large public sports service outsourcingcan improve venues core business level, enhance the quality of service advantages ofvenues in addition to the multiple values. However, outsourcing is a double-edged sword,it brought many benefits to venues also contains a lot of risk.In this study, first by consulting experts, consulting literature, make clear of theconcept of large public stadiums and gymnasiums, service outsourcing, risk, large publicvenues risk management and the sort of large-size public stadiums and gymnasiumsservice outsourcing risk theoretical framework; secondly based on the theoreticalframework and the definition of related concepts, analysis large public sports serviceoutsourcing basic procedures and characteristics; third, based on the normative researchand investigation method of the questionnaire, the integrated use of public choice theory,privatization theory, principal-agent theory, risk management theory and analysis of publicsports service outsourcing risk forming mechanism whereby the risk structure and riskfactors; finally, through field investigation and document analysis, combined with theactual operation, put forward macroscopicalpolicy view management, microcosmicoperation level control countermeasure and mechanism, promote sports service outsourcing scientific sustainable developmentThe main conclusions are as follows:1, large public sports service outsourcing project has not been fully developed.2, large public sports service outsourcing is normative.3, major sports venues service outsourcing has obvious characteristics.4, major sports venues service outsourcing has six major risks.5, leading to the risk factors are divided into outer factors and inner factors.6, major sports venues service outsourcing risk can establish correspondingmechanism to control.
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