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A Comparative Study On The Senior School Geography Curricultim Standards Of Cross-strait

Posted on:2013-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395466936Subject:Geography Curriculum and Teaching
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Geography curriculum standards is the basis of textbook compilation,teaching, evaluation and examination propositions. Senior school geographycurriculum standards revision is one of the critical work of the currentgeography curriculum reform. This paper uses the literature method,comparative method and statistical analysis to have comparative study onsenior school geography curriculum objectives, curriculum content andcurriculum difficulty of cross-strait, in order to provide a useful reference forthe revision of China’s mainland senior school geography curriculumstandards. The main conclusions of this study are as follows:The same point of the senior school geography curriculum standardsbetween two sides: first, curriculum objectives. The base point of curriculumobjectives is to cultivate modern citizens with geographic literacy; thestructure of curriculum objectives is elaborated from the three aspects ofknowledge, abilities and emotions; the content of curriculum objectives isasked to obtain the basic knowledge of physical and human geography, tofocus on cultivation of the basic skills and geographic inquiry ability ofgeographical study, the geological survey and the reading, analysis and use ofgeographical charts and geographic data, to attach great importance to thecultivation of interest in learning geography, concern for environmentalproblems, form the view of sustainable development; pay attention to thecultivation of regional concept and the love of their hometown and theeducation of improving geographical aesthetic; on the statement, both sidesattach great importance to the combination of three curriculum goalorientation: behavioral orientation, generative orientation and expressive orientation. Second, curriculum content. In terms of structural system,geography course structure consists of compulsory and elective, mainly basedon the relationship between human and geography environment to the contentof the course design, outstanding system of geographical knowledge learning;in the ways of content selection, the choice of curriculum content is to appealthe geographic literacy target, pay attention to letting students learn inactivities and the application of geographic information technology.The different point of the senior school geography curriculum standardsbetween two sides: first, curriculum objectives. The structure of the mainlandhigh school geography curriculum goals is mainly composed of "overallobjective-classification objective-content objective", Taiwan is thestructure system of "subject objective-content objective"; in the ways ofcontent, Mainland pays more attention to cultivating cooperation ability, thepatriotic emotion and understanding of the importance of internationalcooperation. The requirements of basic knowledge of the earth science studyin Taiwan is more meticulous. Taiwan asks to use geography viewpoint ofecology, spatial and regional analysis to analyse and explore important globalissues; in the ways of statement, there is the unified phenomenon aboutbehavior subject in the same course file of Taiwan, the level requirements ofcurriculum target in "compendium" is lower than "standard". Second,curriculum content. In terms of structural system, earth science was set upseparately in Taiwan, and more emphasis is paid on the discussion ofgeographical issues; in the ways of content selection, Taiwan especiallyhighlights the geographical field observations carried out, pays great attentionto the monographic study of local geography and the infiltration of sciencehistory education; in the ways of curriculum difficulty, through thecomparison of the curriculum difficulty of two parts-"atmosphere" and"population and city", we can see that the content request of geography courseis "narrow and shallow" in mainland, while it is "wide and deep" in Taiwan.The geography curriculum of mainland is smaller difficult than Taiwan.On this basis, the study puts forward the following suggestions for the revision of mainland senior school geography curriculum standards and theimprovement of new geography curriculum: first, increase the moduleobjectives, improve the curriculum objectives system; second, refine thecontent objectives appropriately, enhance the directive function of objectives;third, make the geography viewpoint clear, strengthen the education ofgeography viewpoint; fourth, pay attention to the evaluation of informationcapabilities, enhance the geographic information literacy; fifth, improve theconstitution of content standards, pay attention to the geographical coreconcept; sixth, to carry out geographical fieldstudy, value local geographystudies; seventh, take the education of geography history seriously, andactively carry out relevant research.
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