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Comparative Studies Of Verbal Textbook In Senior High School On Both Sides Cross-strait

Posted on:2016-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a significant tool, Chinese textbooks, in addition to the teaching content and teaching design of expression, the teaching activities of expression is emphasized equally or even more. Recently, the trend of worldwide increases explosively, there are varies of new challenges confronted with people, such as the views of value on life and culture. Particularly, it is worthy to celebrating that on the Third Plenary Session of the 18 th Central Committee of the Communist deployed the Teachers’ educational reform deeply. It is obviously to see that it gets more and more attention after that in the new reform development. By doing so, it is necessary to plan a diversity program and expand source of textbooks in order to increase the quality of teaching methods.Therefore, the objects of the study are secondary mandarin textbooks published by Han Lin form Taiwan and People’s Education Press. The point of view in this thesis is dominated by “three roots” to analysis.Attempting to compare with selected system, ordinance decree and the rate of range in these two te xtbooks, this thesis is consisted of six parts. In the introductory remarks, the prologue dwells on the worth o f the topic, the research situation, the frame of the treatise and the new points of it. From macroscopic aspec t, the first chapter states the theoretical foundation of the textbooks of the crossstraits and comparisons bet ween their similarities and differences. The second and third chapter make a comparison of the compiling s choolbased textbooks and contention. The fourth part is a brief analysis on comparing with reading aid syst em and practicing system in different styles by citing three examples. The fifth chapter is based on the abo ve parts to make a summingup conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages of respective each apiec e and obtain a revelation enlightenment for Chinese textbooks because there is still a room for improvemen t.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese textbooks on both sides Cross-Strait, the Curriculum Standards, Comparative Study
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