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A Comparative Study On Curriculum Design Of Preschool Education Major In Cross - Straits Normal College

Posted on:2016-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330470950557Subject:Pre-primary Education
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The key to develop our present preschool education is the construction of high-qualitypreschool teachers and constant improvement of the majority of kindergarten teachers’professional level. In order to meet the urgent needs of preschool teachers as the rapiddevelopment of preschool education, preschool curriculum in normal universities need toreform and improve urgently. Chinese mainland and Taiwan have the same historical root andcultural homology, while after half a century of separation, Taiwan gestates abundantachievement of preschool education. Through comparative study of cross-strait preschoolcurriculum, provide preschool curriculum with theory for inference. And effectively improvethe reform of preschool curriculum in normal universities of Chinese mainland.The study based on the research about kindergarten teachers’ professional knowledgeand preschool curriculum by other scholars. It mainly uses Brede’s methodology ofcomparative education research, and to assist with historical research and survey researchmethod on cross-strait preschool education curriculum of totaling eight normal universities.The comparative study includes history, present situation and characteristics about preschooleducation. It is divided into the following sections.The exordium contains reasons for choosing the topic, relative literature review, thematter and purpose of the study, the content and significance of the study, and the method andframe of the study.The second and third chapters are about the area study of cross-strait Preschooleducation curriculum. The thesis describes and explains the preschool professional curriculumin Chinese mainland and Taiwan severally under the same frame. The basic frameworkreflects the factors of curriculum, training objectives and curriculum content arrangements,which covers the external factors and internal factors. Course content arrangements includecourse structure, course content, internships, teaching process, and curriculum standards ofpreschool teachers’ education.The forth chapter is about the comparative study of cross-strait preschool educationcurriculum. It is based on the second and third chapters, and follows the basic principles offocusing objective comparison, prudent value judgments, and moderate analysis of causes.Affiliate and compare the factors, training objectives and the structure and content ofcross-strait Preschool education curriculum. In order to draw a primary conclusion, and makefurther discuss about individual problems.In the fifth chapter, the thesis will offer proposals to the conclusion and rethink profoundly as well as make an expectation. It presents the conclusion of the comparativestudy from seven parts that contain external factors, internal factors, training objectiveslocation and requirements, curriculum structure, each course module, various specificprograms, and internships. Meanwhile, this chapter is about the overall reflection andprospects of the preschool curriculum reform issues, preschool teacher training and otherissues.
Keywords/Search Tags:cross-strait normal university, curriculum setting, comparative study, training of kindergarten teachers
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