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A Qualltative Study Of The Values Of The Post-90s Female University Students Towards Love And Marriage

Posted on:2013-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395472625Subject:Principles of Education
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There has been heated discussion on TV dating programs after they have successfully grasped eyeballs of the audience from all walks of life. The current TV dating programs have long been beyond the boundaries of the "blind date", entering the phase of exploring the friends-making, sentiments and marital values of contemporary young people, and has been a battlefield for people debating over their values and opinions on marriage. Among the audience, female university students is a regular group of fans, and since the current pattern of the show is mostly a’women-choose-men’style, they are more likely self-role-playing themselves with the ladies in the programs, imagining what will how they will perform in the TV shows and how will they make choice. Thus, their values of marriage are more likely to be influenced by these TV dating programs. This study conducts an in-depth interview with50female university students, selecting their representative opinions and textual analyses on these programs, and presents the orientation of their values of love and marriage. However, these issues might be misunderstood because they involve privacy. It seems that, when the society is commenting on this issue, the ability to make a choice and integrate factors of female university students have been ’underestimated’, resulting in an over-criticizing, insufficient rational thinking environment. The society is found to have blamed too much but think less sympathetically for the female students. This causes few female college students would have the courage to express their true feelings and opinions on their marital values towards love.This paper is a qualitative study. The design of the research is based on resourceful references and clearly-classified theoretical backgrounds. It features the TV dating programs and has investigated deeply into money’s influences on female students’values and choices in their love and marriage, and has analyzed the issue of what kinds of males would the female university students have a crush on.
Keywords/Search Tags:TV dating programs, values towards love and marriage of female universitystudents, the influences factors, leading measures
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