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The Research Of The Evolution And Trends Of Youngster's Values On Love And Marriage

Posted on:2012-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335974639Subject:Ideological and political education
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Love of life is an important component of the values, it was to study social change in one of the main angle. Love from the concept of the right to establish the germination process, but also ideological and moral purity of the process of self-cultivation. Marriage of positive or not, reasonable or not is not only directly related to mental health or university students, academic success or otherwise of such issues, and to some extent may indicate that China's future development trend of marriage and family, the future impact of the steady development of society and the overall improvement of the quality of the nationals. Therefore, the study of the problem for college students Marriage ideological and political education of workers is extremely important significance.Firstly, this article introduce the cultural background of the values of love and marriage'formation and evolution of feudal society in china ,the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Republic of China, the revolutionary base and the early establishment of New China, and described and summarized the main concept and the characteristics of the love and marriage from various periods. After three decades of reform and opening, With the transformation of the economic system and the deepening of the Political reform,Great change shave taken Place both in whole society and in Chinese values,which are Bound to influence the Chinese marriages and families so deeply as to cause some great change. This paper Analysis the factors affecting the formation of concept of the contemporary young love and marriage to the background of the opening up and development of the market economy, Concluded that the concept of marriage of contemporary young people not only by the impact of their quality, but also by the market economic system, policies policy, legal, social and cultural environment and technological developments and other factors. At the same time, the changes of concept of young love and marriage in a way that they reflect social and cultural value system changes and developments.In view of the impact of contemporary youth marriage on the basis of factor analysis, this article described f the characteristics of the concept of love and marriage of contemporary youth and made love and marriage tend to predict the future. Finally, young love and marriage in contemporary educational content and educational approach as a starting point proposal for strengthening education in contemporary young love and marriage proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:contemporary youth, the values of love and marriage, Factors love and marriage, love and marriage education
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