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The Research On Marriage Values Of Female Masters Born In1980s

Posted on:2012-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330362963535Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since the late1980s, because of the rapid development of social economy brought by China’sreform and opening up the country, social material, people’s life style, the change of demand and soon all changed greatly. Female masters are in the social transition, they are different from the generalfemale youth. They accept a higher education, and have the unique cultural heritage, which causedifferent phenomena and problems in how to choose their spouse with that of female youth.Adopting social investigation and literature research this study spreads statements guided betweentheory and practice method in a substantial amount of accurate and reliable information based onMarxist dialectical materialism position with the viewpoint. Firstly, they defined several concepts onmarriage values and carry on the summary respectively from the female masters Born in1980s oflove, chastity view, the view to choose a spouse, the marriage view on detailed four aspects ofresearch contents. Secondly, they analyzed the causes of marriage values influence. Finally,separately from the school, the family and the society as well as female masters Born in1980s ownetc. They put forward to female master marriage condition should adopt the countermeasures andsuggestion. The research shows that:1) Female masters’ love purpose is clear and realistic. They are rational and objective on loveaffair, not to be hurt badly.2) With tolerance and understanding attitude, most female masters identify before marriage.Considering it immoral, most female masters deny sexual behavior outside marriage, but there aresome ones understands that.3) The top two standards of choosing spouse to female master are personal quality and potentialdevelopment which show that they value intrinsic quality and think highly of the content than form.4)The female masters who are in the purposes of the nature result of the development of "lovefor wedding" account for the most part of respondents, and most female masters identify legalmarriage signs. Most female masters choose to go to visit the mother in-laws regularly, but not wishto live together with them. For example, when they encounter family violence after marriage, mostwomen appeal to laws to protect themselves, but not to compromise and concessions blindly.
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