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Research On The Status Of Education Quality Security System For Undergraduate Physical Education In Hebei Province

Posted on:2013-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395953903Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The teaching quality is the lifeline of universities which determines the quality of talenttraining, the competition ability, and the prospect and destiny of university. Since1999, higheducation expanding enrollment in our country has lasted for11years. teaching scaleconstantly broadens, the rapid development of high education is beneficial to culture backuptalents for our country and improve national quality and national culture, and also acceleratethe steps of economic and social development. It is necessary for social development of ourcountry, construction of the socialist harmonious society. However, with the expansion of thehigh education scale, the teaching quality appears decline. Some graduates cannot meet theneed of the society who cannot adapt the development of the society. Society and the parentspay high attention to this phenomenon, especially the enterprises who raise doubts of theuniversities.Physical education is the earliest professional sports subject which recruits bachelordegree students. The talent quality will directly affect the quality of primary and middleschool sports teaching. With the expansion scale, the teaching quality appears decline. So it isnecessary to study and analysis the Bachelor teaching quality of Physical education. Weshould extend the successful experiences of the high teaching quality, put forward somesuggestions to solve problems, and provide reference theory and practice for the educationdepartments which will reduce the negative effects due to the scale expansion and teachingquality decline. It will provide reference for the sustainable healthy development of the sportseducation. This paper finds the main problems of Bachelor Physical education teachingreform and development through studying and analysis the Bachelor teaching qualityguarantee system, in order to improve the Bachelor Physical education teaching.Through the literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics method, this articletakes11universities of hebei province which recruit sports education students as the researchobject, and takes investigation analysis of the states of the Bachelor teaching qualityguarantee system of physical education, and finds out the problems of training target andnorms, teachers, teaching conditions and school funds, the students’ quality, teaching management, curriculum, teaching methods and means, campus culture and socialenvironment, and so on. Then we draw the following conclusion, The hebei sports educationteaching quality has dropped compare to the quality which is before enrollment expansion.The difficulties of enrollment expansion include these aspects as follows: funds, hardwarefacilities, the teachers, education teaching management and teaching ideas. The weak teachingconditions and insufficient funds, sports facilities, sports equipment, teaching instruments andequipment cannot meet the need of the increasing students. Teaching hardware construction isthe basic security of the school teaching. If we cannot satisfy the needs of teaching, thequality of teaching will surely be seriously affected.
Keywords/Search Tags:The teaching quality guarantee, Sports education, Hebei province
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