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Comprehensive Evaluation And Analysis Of Scientific And Technological Innovation Capacity Of The Universitise In Gansu Province

Posted on:2013-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395962866Subject:Administrative Management
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Colleges and universities as an important part of scientific and technological innovation system, its function is particularly important in the knowledge innovation, technological innovation and the role of social services. For a long time, the science and technology innovation in Gansu Province is at a low-level stage of development, which seriously restricts the overall development of capacity of the Universities in promoting economic and social development in Gansu Province. Through a comprehensive evaluation of Gansu Province science and technology innovation and comparative analysis, the paper explored the weaknesses and problems in Gansu Province science and technology innovation capacity, and then, in order to provide a scientific basis for the development of Gansu Province Science and Technology Innovation policy, make recommendations accordingly.The papers use the method of system analysis,construct the model of formation mechanism of the university scientific and technological innovation on the basis of the analysis of basic science and technology innovation process, internal support conditions,the external role of factors. Then define the composition of the science and techonology innovation, establish a comprehensive evaluation index system of science and technology innovation. In the empirical analysis section, the paper collected from2006to2010for five consecutive years of the original indicator data, select the factor analysi s method, evaluate and compare the two indicators in the index system, demenstrate the evaluation results.Compari son of the three indicators of evaluat ion and the original data, the study found that Gansu Province science and technology innovation capacity is in the middle or lower level, and there are different levels of the gap for various indicators of the amount and ranking between Gansu and the more developed provinces. The paper argues that the limited resources, low level of inputs, lack of total output, the low transformation rate, the environment for innovation imperfect constraints Gansu Province Scientific and Technological Innovation Capability. Based on the above analysis, it is proposed to increase government funding, strengthen construction of the university itself, deepen research cooperation and specific recommendations for a good environment for nurturing science and technology innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gansu Province, high-tech innovation ability evaluationindex system, factor analysis, countermeasures
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