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China’s Vocational Colleges Personnel System Innovation Research

Posted on:2013-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395967499Subject:Public administration
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Since the implement of teachers’ management system reform, we already has three turns in education reform (included vocational schools’ education reform). Because the reform closely unites the economic system reform and social reality, every reform promoted education system which was an education capability’s (productivity) big release and adapted the needs of social development. Future’s competition is talents’ competition; education directly decides the quality of talent. So education should keep reforming to keep vitality as the same speed with time.Vocational schools’ inner management system is complicated and hard system engineering, in which Personnel principle is the hardest point in reform, especially because the current time background、environment and people’s ideas, vocational schools’ reform met different depth of restriction and had many problem. Therefore, it is very necessary for vocational schools to make progress、initiate reform and create in new current situation.Deepening personnel system’s reform in vocational schools, maximum mobilize all stuffs’ positivity and creativity, which is the root of talent makes school stronger and an important measurement in improving running school, and plays a key role in whether running school with high level and distinguish feature.This essay takes Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies as an example and combines with the current vocational schools’ reform and the social development reality, it states this college’s aim、idea、process and effect of Personnel System’s reform then to give some suggestions to vocational schools in Personnel System’s reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational Schools, Personnel System’s reform, employment principle
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