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The Study Of Student Organizations’ Role Orientation And Ways Of Participation In The University Governance

Posted on:2013-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395973327Subject:The ministry of education
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In the social background of contemporary Chinese civil society developing and universities to administrative trend being obvious, college students who have bright political ideas, the strong subject consciousness and distinct personality demand, have become one of the main university managers. And the student organizations are the important carrier of College Students’ participation in the university governance.The thesis being based on the governance theory and student civil rights, by the method of the questionnaire survey and case interviews, studied our college student organizations’role and the participation path in the university governance. Currently, the university managers begin to diversification, and the student organizations’governance advantage is highlighted gradually. Most of the teachers and students agree that student organizations participate in the university governance, and reach a preliminary consensus on its necessity. However, the student organizations play the role of some departments’helper currently. Their consciousness of participatory governance is missing, the university governance structure is still not reasonable, part of the college managers are lack of the service concept, and the system protection is still not perfect. And the participation path of student organizations in the university governance is not too optimistic in current situation. Student organizations actually participate in the governance domain is constantly expanding, and the ways of participation are gradually rich. Student organizations are playing an increasingly important role in the university governance, and their development future will be more optimistic. But the student organizations still have many problems in the process of university governance, such as the democratic environment of student organizations participating in the governance has not been formed, the path of participating in governance is the way to upload type of participation, the student organizations’ability of participation in governance is lacking, and the student organizations participating in administrative field is still not balanced.For this, the author draws lessons from the management experience of United States and Hongkong colleges’student organizations, and puts forward a pattern of student organizations to participate in administrative on the basic of governance theory. And the author puts forward some recommendations to perfect the ability of student organizations to participate in governance. In the future, China should accelerate the democratic participation of social environment and perfect the relevant guarantee system construction of the student organizations participating in governance. What’s more, universities should extend multiple fields and innovate the ways of participation when the student organizations participate in the university governance, and strengthen the managers to form the identity consciousness on the multiple governance persons. Last, college students should continue to stimulate the main body consciousness of participating and cultivate student organizations’participation ability in the university governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Student organizations, governance theory, university governance
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