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Students' Experience In University Governance:A Qualitative Study

Posted on:2020-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L YingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330578961274Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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China is gradually moving from a big country of higher education to a powerful country of higher education.The construction of a strong country of higher education and “world-class universities and world-class disciplines” all emphasize the transformation from extensive development to intensive development.In order to meet the complex needs of higher education,universities should realize the common "good governance" of stakeholders.College students are the core stakeholders and participants in university governance.They are also deeply influenced by the process of university governance.Then,what exactly is the experience of students in university governance,has become an important issue to explore.The current research on the related topics of university governance in academic circles mainly involves the objectives,elements and structure of university governance,and research related to college students includes subdividing dimensions such as students' governance power and participation in governance.It is novel to examine the process of university governance from the perspective of students,and it also has theoretical and practical value.In order to explore students' intuitive and internal experience of university governance,20 students at three levels of learning in A university were interviewed in depth with semi-structured interviews.A corpus of 107,503 words was constructed,and the corpus was analyzed with the qualitative data analysis software Nvivo11.0.Based on the methodology of grounded theory,the corpus was coded several times,and finally three levels of codes highly related to "student experience in university governance" are obtained: governance participation,performance governance and quality governance.At present,the process of university governance emphasizes performance output;the construction of a powerful country in higher education and "world-class universities and world-class disciplines" emphasizes the transformation from extensive development to intensive development,which requires improving the quality of education.Performance governance and quality governance will have an impact on students.Students' participation in governance is a more direct and necessary dimension of this topic.The above three constitute the analytical framework of this study.Visualization analysis using Nvivo is available from the node hierarchy and structure diagram: in the process of student governance experience,the “appeal channel and feedback mechanism” and “participation awareness and enthusiasm”sub-nodes under the “governance participation” tree node Under the “performance governance” tree node,“performance change causes psychological change”,“performance governance benefits and disadvantages” sub-node,“quality governance”tree node,“the role of student evaluation”,“resource allocation” "Child nodes,etc.are the most concerned by the students surveyed.In addition,the study conducted a Pearson coefficient analysis on all sub-corpora,and the data showed that the correlation coefficient between the interview materials reached 0.8,indicating that the interview has a high degree of reliability.On the basis of coding,a deep analysis of the corpus reveals that: 1.Students' recognition of quality management is lower than expected,and there are many negative feelings about teaching quality,students' evaluation of teaching,teacher-student relationship,etc;2.Under performance management,students face the dilemma of "inadequate ability" and "performance pressure".In order to cope with performance management,they are often under great pressure.They are stuck in the way and don't know where to go;3.In the process of students' participation in university internal governance,students' governance power has not been effectively guaranteed,and it is difficult to participate in governance in depth;the lack of communication channels leads to the decrease of students' voice enthusiasm.Based on the above findings,we can improve students' experience in university governance from the following aspects in order to improve university internal governance and improve governance performance:1.Adjusting the teacher assessment index system to strengthen undergraduate teaching and student training;2.Reform the design of student evaluation system to highlight the value of feedback and monitoring.;3.Providing effective performance counseling to relieve students' pressure on scientific research performance;4.Clarify the boundary of rights and responsibilities of students' participation,and enrich the effective channels of governance participation.
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