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Based On The Regional Culture Constructing Primary School Cultural Research

Posted on:2013-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395979414Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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School culture has the significant role and influence for the development of modernschool, It is on the basis of regional culture, elementary school campus as the importantspace,school system as the protection and school spirit as the principal character. Schoolculture is cultivated and constructed by all the school members in every activity, and it is theideal and faith、value orientation、behavioral pattern、life style and habit which can berecognized and accepted by school members. This study is from the perspective of regionalculture, using the case analysis method and literature study method. Through did the fieldinvestigation of school culture construction of BaiShaBu Primary School in Linyi City, ShanDong province, fully learn from its experiences of constrcting school culture, and raised somesuggestions to build school culture. This study is divided into five parts:Chapter One: This part is the introduction. In this part reviews and summarizes a series ofresearch results that related this study. Elaborates the theoretical and practical significances、basic concepts、research methods and innovative points;Chapter Two: This part is in the horizon of the regional culture, analysising the regionalculture’s regionalism、traditionalism、richness and dynamicness, and disscussing its influencesto the construction of school culture. Provides theoretical foundation for this study;Chapter Three: This part based on the field investigation, using the case analysis methodto investigate the school culture construction of BaiShaBu Primary School in Linyi City, andbriefly introduce the school culture construction experiences in material culture、behaviorculture、institution culture and spiritual culture four aspects;Chapter Four: This part is on the basis of investigating BaiShaBu Primary School, makesfull use of its experience in the school culture construction, puts forward that based onregional culture construction of school culture’s ways and strategies;Chapter Five: This part is the conclusion, briefly summarizes this research, and points outthat the school culture construction should fully consider the influence of regional culture...
Keywords/Search Tags:Culture, Regional culture, School culture
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