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Design Of Embedded Wireless Intelligent Home Gateway Based On ARM9

Posted on:2013-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371971034Subject:Electronic Science and Technology
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The smart home is defined as the use of advanced computer technology, network communications technology, integrated wiring technology, the various subsystems and home life, organically combined, through the integrated management of the home life safer, more comfortable and effective. With the rapid development of network technology, communication technology, and embedded technologies are increasingly improved, the development of the smart home system has become a hot topic, and embedded systems with small size, strong function, high reliability, low cost, real-timethe good features are widely applied to the field of intelligent home, including home gateways become the focus of.Smart home into the domestic history of ten years, but it’s slow pace of development, still in its infancy, many manufacturers over their higher-grade, multi-function greatly improve the cost, so that it becomes a luxury, not into the millions of households. Home and abroad are different concepts and domestic demand for intelligent out of tune.By analyzing the function of an existing home gateway, the structural characteristics of an ARM9-based platform for wireless sensor networks using Zigbee technology home gateway design. The main contents of the paper is as follows:(1) Build a home gateway hardware development platform for embedded Linux operating system porting and cutting;(2) Master Linux system, the upper application and bottom-driven development, the preparation of serial read and write procedures under the Linux operating system;(3) To build the embedded Web server, combined with the SQLite build a lightweight database to develop a remote control system;(4) The focus of research within the family network technology with TI’s CC2430chip Zigbee module to do the hardware and development of wireless sensor networks, and ultimately the user remote Web access to the smart home gateway system.
Keywords/Search Tags:ARM9, Linux, CC2430, Zigbee, home gateway
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