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Research Of Smart Home Network System Design Based On ZigBee Technology And Embedded Web

Posted on:2013-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330377455308Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Along with the information technology more and more closely with our life, the trend ofpeople pursuiting home furnishing and network intelligent has become increasingly evident. So,Smart home has become a research hotspot in the computer and other sciences.This paper firstly introduces the background of intelligent home furnishing, the significanceand the domestic and foreign related technology development status. Through the comparison ofvarious networking mode and combination of the actual situation in home furnishing, we chose theZigBee networking technology which based on IEEE802.15.4standard. And then analyse thecharacteristics of ZigBee technology to lay the foundation for the system design.Then the paper puts forward a design program, which include the system function, structureand hardware and software architecture. The system uses tree topologyand structure to build thenetwork. On the bases, we success in realizing the data communication between nodes. The designfor the system gateway is based on the S3C2440and it includes the transplantation of embeddedLinux operating system, the building of a Web server Boa, the communication protocol between thegateway and the wireless control network, the CGI program design to realize the exchanging thedata between the gateway with the wireless control network, the3G module transplantion on thegateway for dialing access to the Internet, the video monitoring and control function for thegateway.Finally, this paper provides a system which help the users to access the home furnishingthrough the Internet. The system is wireless control network. The usrers can use the system as aplatform to understand the family enviroment, the equipment status and the control of homefurnishing electrical and electronic equipments.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart home, ZigBee, CC2430, Intelligent gateway, PPP, Web server
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