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Research And Design Of Smart Home System Based On Embedded Web Server And Zigbee

Posted on:2012-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374491526Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Informatization is the general trend of the economic and social development inthe world today, with the rapid development of digital information technology andnetwork technology, as well as continual improvement in material living standards,people continuously higher demands on the living environment, increasingly focusingon each member of a family living comfort,convenience and safety, it can be said thatinformation-oriented society is gradually changing the way people ‘s lifestyle andwork habits, and also presented a challenge to traditional houses,smart home thuscame into being.This article will combine the ARM technology and ZigBee technology, takeARM9microprocessor as central establishment family gateway hardware platform,external via Internet access local network, internal through the RS232serial port tocommunicate with the coordinator of ZigBee family wireless temperature/humiditysensor networks,gateway server save temperature and humidity environmentalinformation uploaded by coordinator for the user to query through the web. Internalnetworking technology is an important part of smart home network,ZigBeetechnology could well meet the requirements of smart home internal networking.UseJN5139microcontroller to form smart home ZigBee internal network.According tothe characteristics of smart home network composed by terminal nodes deployed indifferent room and coordinator, build a low complexity of ZigBee star networks.Users log smart home control system through a remote PC’s Web browser,usingInternet to visit family interior embedded gateway,the embedded gateway server willcontrol the family electrical equipment and displays the working status of equipmentaccording to the needs of users,users can remote access USB camera though Webbrowser to real-time monitor family condition,in the self-designed web page to viewthe internal temperature and humidity environmental information and set the upperand lower limits of feedback regulation, so that users can learn about the different ofroom temperature and humidity environment information,through feedback regulationmechanism to dynamically control the dehumidifier and air conditioningon/off,meeting the requirements of comfort of people’s living environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:smart home, embedded gateway, ARM9, ZigBee, CGI
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