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Design, Embedded Wireless Home Gateway Systems Based On Zigbee Technology

Posted on:2009-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360245962712Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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With the rapid development of network technology and information appliances, people more and more pursue that kinds of comfort, convenience, safety, efficiency, economy energy of daily life at home. Therefore, the family network, which is vitally related with home life, also becomes inevitable product. Currently, the family network is becoming a hot issue in the world. According to the In- Stat/MDR, due to the incitement that China's broadband users and home network users significantly growth, the growth rate of family network is the highest and will attain twenty-six percent in Pacific Asia area in the next three years. Along with the rising of family network, the home gateway of the core of it, needs to have the emergence of an effective and creative design urgently.Zigbee technique, which has characteristics of short distance, low power consumption and low cost, is a kind of potential two-way wireless communication technology. It can connect the equipments of different model and category to a network" seamlessly" and be very suitable for setting up a family intelligence network. For example, the Zigbee technique can unite information appliances(television, refrigerator, microwave oven, disinfect cabinet and vacuum, etc.), telephone, PDA and computer, etc., carrying out a family network, and the users can supervise the equipments of network within the GPRS long-distance.Considering its characters and functions to implement comprehensively, this paper mainly introduces a kind of wireless home gateway which is based on the ARM9 micro CPU S3C2410X and embedded Linux OS, integrating technology of Zigbee and GPRS.Firstly, high-performance processor S3C2410X, which has met control requirement and widely application, has been chosen as the core of wireless home gateway and a number of functional modules have been chosen as the expansion of hardware platform. Secondly, Linux 2.6, which has been used widely and has open source code, has been chosen as the embedded OS of wireless home gateway. Based on functions of the family gate, Linux 2.6 kernel is transplanted and hardware drivers are developed. Finally, an economical and perfect solution is provided to wireless home gateway with GPRS model and Zigbee model.The home gateway, using Zigbee as the local wireless networking method to inside, will constitute many relatively independent household appliances for an unity system; The home gateway, accessing Internet through a GPRS network with TCP/IP protocol to outward, will complete the link from local wireless to remote wireless with this. So we can implement remote search and control etc. operation to family intelligence network in each information appliance conveniently. Through research, I think that the development of embedded wireless home gateway system based on the Zigbee has far-reaching significance. This paper uses Zigbee wireless technology to launch the design of home gateway and it connects into the GPRS on this basis. From the technique and the market prospect, it is very reasonable and worthy of expecting.The experiment shows that this system can achieve the basic functions of home gateway, and it can be long and stable operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:home gateway, S3C2410X, Linux, Zigbee, GPRS
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