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Design And Application Of Intelligent Home Furnishing Gateway Based On Embedded Cortex-A8

Posted on:2016-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330461487830Subject:Computer technology
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With the continuous improvement of material life, comfortable, convenient, intelligent way of life has been paid more and more attention. While the basic necessities of life, comfort, convenient housing but helped to relieve the pressure of life, let people to find the important role of happiness. Intelligent Home Furnishing system become aware of the fundamental solution to solve this problem. The control system of intelligent Home Furnishing is concerned, the home gateway determines the flexibility of the system and the advantages and disadvantages of.Based on the analysis of the current domestic and foreign development status of intelligent home control system, intelligent home control system aiming at the existing difficult problems, the design and implementation of a more cost-effective use around the hardware to realize the intelligent home control system gateway, this paper design in full use of existing Wifi resources, and through the comparison of several wireless communication network technology, Zig Bee technology as the technology selected internal network of smart home system, coupled with intelligent routing technology of Wi Fi makes the control method of this gateway is diverse, and has the advantages of simple operation, also can use Open Wrt routing system set of cloud services for data storage and backup, also can set the authentication. The password is correct, for the connected IP open access through iptables. The main research contents are as follows:(1) intelligent home gateway design ideas, build the embedded hardware platform of cortex A8 kernel and intelligent routing based on Tplink-703 n. Research on embedded Linux operating system kernel, taking the S5PV210 chip as the control core, and intelligent routing based on Open Wrt successfully into the system, the control program is compiled related and display page.(2) to construct the intelligent Home Furnishing wireless communication network using Zig Bee technology, the star network topology is selected as intelligent Home Furnishing system.(3) study the routing and Zig Bee combined structure principle of Open Wrt, and the design of CGI interactive program and the Linux modules of the program.(4) to build a smart home WEB server, the user can through an external network intelligent system control is realized through the browser, can open web interface for landing and control, and set the safety verification.Finally,aiming at the smart Home Furnishing this thesis function test, reach can use web remote access,collection of information monitoring and simple,and can realize the simple control of equipment through Internet and the local,and check whether can achieve synchronous control local equipment status,such as the control of the LED light,whether can remotely control light.Experiments show that each function module can meet the expected requirements,and set aside an interface program,according to the actual needs of users,to improve the part function.To verify the feasibility of intelligent Home Furnishing gateway system in this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Gateway, Linux, ZigBee, OpenWrt
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