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The Research And Design Of Teaching Box And Movement Controller For Servo System

Posted on:2013-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374975074Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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WTith the rapid development of DSP and FPGA, the advantage of the motion controlsystem based on DSP and FPGA is becoming the mainstream. Thus, the embedded RTLinuxreal-time system for the motion control system in the laboratory is based on PC104. But thepower consumption of the PC104is too much, it is not suitable for applying in higher demandfor power requirement and cooling.In view of the above reasons, this paper develops a motion control system, which iscomposed of two parts: the operation platform of a teaching box bases on the kernel of asingle chip microcomputer and a motion controller unit is consisted of DSP and FPGA. Thehuman-machine interface of this system is realized by the teaching box, which achieves thesettings of the path and motion parameters. The movement path planning is completed byinterpolation operation of DSP. Finally, FPGA analyzes the instructions from DSP to themotor and uploads the position information of the motor.This paper firstly designs hardware circuit of the motion control system, and the realizedmethods is discussed in detail for the hardware circuit of teaching box, the peripheral circuitof the DSP, FPGA and the interface circuit of motion control.Then, the principle of software design and implementation is introduced about LCD,keyboard scan and data communication of the teaching box. Finally, the programming of theFPGA is described in detail, and the achieved circuits for FPGA are included that addresscoding interface circuit, benchmark pulse frequency dividing circuit, divider, any numberdivide frequency converter, preset number pulse counter, encoder signal processing circuit,input/output and switch quantity interface circuit.
Keywords/Search Tags:motion control, teaching box, single-chip microcomputer, DSP, FPGA
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