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Wuxi City Government To Support The Development Of High-tech Venture Enterprises Empirical Research

Posted on:2013-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After World War II, with the development of science and technology, eachcountry in the world has paid great attention to support the high-tech industry. Eachgovernment has adopted different supporting models as per its own industrial andnational strength, among which US ‘Silicon Valley’ and Japan’s ‘Tsukuba’ are themost famous clusters for high-tech enterprises for their unique experience andmeasures.In recent years, our country has also given the great support to the developmentof high-tech enterprises, particularly at the moment of industrial upgrade; thehigh-tech industry has really become the top concerns from central and localgovernments. The local government tries best to support the high-tech enterprises andforms different models with local features, including ‘Zhongguancun Model’ and‘Zhangjiang High-tech Model’. Wuxi adopts the innovative policies on its supportingto the high-tech enterprises and has achieved its unique model and experience. Aftermanaging to support a batch of high-tech enterprises going listing, including SuntechPower, MEMS and Wuxi AppTec, Wuxi municipal government issues ‘530’ plan bysummarizing the experiences as well as ‘1000Talents Plan’ later on, through whichthe government hopes to cultivate more enterprises with leading technologies andinject greater energy to the economic transition in Wuxi.This paper summarizes and assorts the model of Wuxi through the deep study onthe supporting measures and policies to high-tech enterprises taken by the government.Through reading many references, the careful explanation and cases study have beendone to the supporting the development of high-tech enterprise in Wuxi in recentyears, especially the analysis on its problems, from which the successful experiencehas the great significance to guide the country on the aspect of supporting high-techenterprises, and Offer more experiences to the economic transition in China.
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