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A Study On Support Effect Of Government Policies On R&D Investment From High-tech Enterprises

Posted on:2018-03-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the rapid development of economic globalization,the global science and technology innovation has become a national comprehensive national strength competition strategic tool.The face of a global scientific and technological innovation to new development situation and characteristics of government on technological innovation selective intervention became a common policy orientation of the governments.The party 18 report put forward to implement the strategy of innovation driven development,clear emphasis on scientific and technological innovation is to improve the strategic support of social productive forces and overall national strength,must be placed in the core of the national development and global position.At present,China's economic development in an important period of strategic opportunities,growth has present a shifting stages,throes of structural adjustment and the stimulus to digest "three periods of superposition state",improve the independent innovation ability has become a key factor of the core.Therefore,to our country government finance,taxation and the protection of intellectual property rights,such as whether can effectively support policy guidance to the enterprises increase investment in science and technology research and development,further improve enterprise's technological innovation ability steadily,realize national science and technology innovation strategy,has important practical significance.On the basis of related theories and literature review In this paper,,analysis of research status at home and abroad,the theoretical research,empirical research and case study analysis method,using the empirical data of listed companies in China from 2007 to 2014,from different angles of enterprise R&D effect has carried on the thorough analysis,through the establishment of the empirical model further validates the government's fiscal,taxation and intellectual property policy implementation effect,and then summarizes the research conclusion,Suggestions are put forward in accordance with China's national conditions,the prospect of research has been clear about the next step.In this paper,the study found that a is an effective intervention enterprise economic operation,the government's policy to guide the development of enterprise management,effectively reduce the impact of economic fluctuation to the enterprise research and development activities,the state-owned enterprises was more marked in R&D activities;Economy class is a delegate with fiscal and taxation support policy can effectively improve the level of enterprise R&D investment,tax policy to promote efficiency is significantly higher than fiscal policy;the enterprise is not sensitive to the government protection of intellectual property rights,in the short term to the enterprise R&D investment decision-making influence is not big,institutional environment of intellectual property protection system in China needs to be strengthened.According to the regional comparative analysis,the Beijing municipal enterprise R&D input level in the country's first,enterprise's R&D activity and administrative resources concentrated correlation degree is higher.In this paper,we study further found that a significant corporate R&D input is inertia,the enterprises tend to continue to study;There is significant industry distribution,enterprise R&D company of new and high technology industry R&D investment level highest;Sensitivity to the reaction of financing constraints,corporate R&D input is not sensitive to enterprise accounting profit height;Corporate R&D spending is affected by the characteristics of enterprise managers and corporate governance.In the current our country economy development new stage,the enterprise R&D input level for economic class government policies are increasingly sensitive.To study and put forward in this paper,the government in formulating policies to guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development process,should further improve the standardization of the fiscal and taxation policy,increasing importance to make good use of the preferential tax policy,improve the effect of policy support;To further improve the system of intellectual property protection of the laws and regulations construction,strengthen the law enforcement and protect our country science and technology innovation achievements in promoting industrial structure adjustment;To further emphasize the economic policy is gradually revealed,to strengthen the guide of enterprise R&D spending.
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