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Research Of Subtle Trap Identification Methods And Hydrocarbon Accumulation In Bayindulan Sag

Posted on:2014-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330401980627Subject:Geological Engineering
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Accompany with superior structural background there is a large amount of remaining resources in Bayindulan Sag at present. A large quantity of exploration and development works have been invested in the past10years with no breakthrough. The tense of resources replacement in the sag has becoming more and more evidently. The special geological conditions made the sag has conditions to form hidden reservoirs. With the innovative thinking of structural reservoir exploration subtle reservoir exploration, There are still many other difficulties in Bayindulan sag. Such as structure, quality of the oil source, data quality and so on. The most critical technical difficulty is constrained by a variety of factors.The sand body identification is difficulty.Mainly as multi-types and changes quickly of sand body, interwell small layer comparison difficult, thin sands, narrow phase and lateral reservoir changes, low resolution seismic data. Using conventional means is difficult to accurately identify the sand body and distribution. The different content of dolomitic and calcium content in the strata has influence to seismic response which increased the difficulty of sand body identification and reservoir prediction.This study takes the following targeted measures to aginst the key issues which constraining the exploration and evaluation in the sag. Such as fine stratigraphic division and correlation, building stratigraphic framework; production of high-precision synthetic seismogram and so on. Lay the foundation for the implementation of the structure.Fine interpretation of3D seismic data to implement the structural features. Using the results of seismic data interpretation to make seismic attribute extraction and analysis as well as logging constrained seismic inversion in the key districts. Predict plane distribution of sand body morphology and thickness of the various formation during the deposition. With the seismic, drilling and other information, according to the the known sand vitro extrapolation thickness analysis, provenance geomorphic analysis, seismic inversion methods, seismic attribute analysis to identify the types of subtle traps, hydrocarbon accumulation mechanism and accumulation models.Through the anatomical analysis of oil and gas reservoirs have been found in the sag to divide the typys of traps and the pattern of reservoirs. Analysis reservoir spatial distribution characteristics, summary oil and gas accumulation mechanisms and enrichment patterns.Through the research solved the key issues to restrict exploration and evaluation.Formated a favorable technical methods to find hidden reserves in the sag. This set of methods has a certain reference for other sags in Erlian basin.The study implemented a series of self-contained, scale, quality reserve replacement zones, and achieved good economic benefits. Alleviate the tense situation of Baolige Oilfield resources effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bayindulan Sag, subtle traps recognition, fine interpretation, reservoirprediction, scale reserves
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