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Design And Optimization For Body Structure Of120MN Train Wheel Forging Hydraulic Press

Posted on:2014-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392464605Subject:Materials Processing Engineering
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In recent years, China’s railway transport developed rapidly, that have higherrequirements on the wheel quality, not only train wheel forming process and die designmust be reasonable, as a train wheel production equipment, the wheel forging hydraulicmachine accuracy and stability have more stringent requirements. So developlarge-tonnage, high-level, high-precision train wheel forging hydraulic press is the onlyway for China’s railway industry to move closer to the world’s advanced level.The subject comes from some company’s wheels rolling production line of rollingand forging projects. On the basis of120MN train wheel forging hydraulic machine bodystructure preliminary design, Use the finite element software ABAQUS, analyzed the keycomponents of the hydraulic press body deformation of any partial load conditions rackthe analysis and dynamic analysis rack. Particularly, the strength, rigidity and entirety ofthe unitized beams, frame and the precision of the slide block play a decisive role on theoverall security and product quality. Therefore, the key components of the press have beenanalyzed through combination of FEM simulation and theoretical analysis. The maincontents are listed as following:(1)Based on manufacturing feasibility and structure of the forging processrequirements propose cylinder acting program.(2)The dissertation has analyzed the strength, rigidity and entirety of the top andlower unitized beams, optimization ribs thickness reasonably, reduce production costs, andprovide the basis for the crossbeam design parameters determine.(3)The dissertation has simulated the integral frame numerical model under3typicalworking conditions, and has mainly discussed the influencing regularities of different biasload conditions to the rigidity of the frame.(4)Conducted the modal analysis on the frame, obtain first10natural frequencies andthe corresponding mode shape and its deformation trend, provides a reliable reference toimprove and enhance the rack design.
Keywords/Search Tags:train wheels, forging hydraulic press, bias load, beam, frame, numericalsimulation
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