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The Study Of Distributed Control Strategy Towards Water Treatment

Posted on:2014-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422951326Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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The control mode of the water treatment monitoring system in our country ismostly centralized, which is like this: putting a computer with a high performance in thecentral control room, the data in the water treatment scene are sent to the central controlroom via wire or wireless ways. After the analysis and calculating, the control signalsare sent back to the scene control sub-stations and takes effect. However, this strategyhas some unsecure flaws, for example, when there are communication failures andproblems in communication links, the devices in the scene are under no control, thusthey cannot send the scene data to the server and the control signal from the servercannot be transmitted to the scene control sub-stations immediately as well. And thiswould cause seriously bad consequences.This study mainly focuses on applying distributed control to the control system,which could solve the issue of system’s security well, thus realizing the transformationbetween the distributed control and centralized control. Different demanding schemesare designed according to fabrication process and reliable software platform aredeveloped. Also, the script control codes are written and its reliability and security areverified by testing codes.In this paper, the strategy of the distributed control and its development in manyfields are proposed in the first place. By introducing the hardware and softwareenvironments of the water treatment control system nowadays, the whole process of thewater treatment monitoring system is understood. To remain the original hardware basicsystem and apply the developed program coding effectively, we choose the Lua scriptsto refine the whole control system. In the meanwhile, the right operation system isseriously considered and the setup and usage of Lua environment are elaboratelyexplained. Besides, the programming of driver files is shown, respectively. At last, theanalysis of the script control files and the ways of communication among scripts,application programs and servers are made.It is very suitable for water treatment process by using Lua as the scripts to realizethe distributed control. It shows good characteristics in software and hardware oforiginal system well matching, which is not only enhancing the reliability of the system,but increasing the communicating speed.
Keywords/Search Tags:monitoring and controlling system, distributed control, Lua script
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