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The SIEMENS S7Process Control System In Cement Production Line

Posted on:2014-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330425983299Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Cement as an important building material, available made of concrete or mortar. Because of its rugged durability characteristics, it is widely used in water conservancy project construction, the construction of road and bridge construction, national defense construction and so on. Has a strong representation in the silicate cement production process in the cement production, limestone and clay as the main raw material in the production process, raw material made of crushed, ingredients, ground, subsequently fed into the rotary kiln calcination, then clinker add appropriate amount of gypsum ground made(sometimes added according to the specific needs of the mixed material or admixture). Depending on the different ways of cement production with Ingredients Preparation method, cement production methods can be broadly divided into two kinds of wet and dry.With the upgrading of the technological innovation of the cement production process and machinery and equipment stand-alone capacity, and the number of Nissan5000-ton large dry process cement production line have been built and put into operation in the country. For continuous production process requirements of large-scale cement as well as large-scale cement production equipment protection needs, and with the rapid development of industrial automation technologies shaking, making large-scale cement production line electrical automation control ideas and design philosophy with tremendous changes. At present, China is vigorously kiln decomposition cement production technology, especially5000d/t production line. Therefore, investment in all parts of the country, growing enterprise for the construction of a cement production line, cement production automation, intelligent degree of control is also rising, PLC, DCS system attendant has been widely used. The subject design is based on SIEMENS SIMATIC PC S7process control system as the hardware platform for the computer control system in the cement production process, designed to serve the large dry process cement production line of Nissan5000ton computer-controlled system.Based on the demand for cement production line in the actual production run, elaborate computer control system design process and realization of the process. After careful and meticulous research, will SIEMENS the PC S7process control system is the perfect combination of entire cement production job process cement production line site specific actual situation and the use of SIEMENS the PC the S7process control system of perfect function, designed to complete the line with large-scale cement production line the computer control system of the production process requirements. The work includes the completion of this process:Design and Implementation of the overall design of the cement production process control system; hardware engineering; design and implementation of software engineering; control system commissioning and put into operation. And subsequently verified the system off-line simulation, and discuss with the mentor and the team of engineers, the whole control system than traditional PLC cement production control system in production safety reliability significantly improved, and in research and development, application and future maintenance costs are greatly optimized to achieve the desired goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cement, SIEMENS PC S7, Process control system, Cement rotary kiln, WinCC
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