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Discuss The Forms Of Augmented Reality In Public Space

Posted on:2014-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H S ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330425458225Subject:Fine Arts
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Both art and technology are human’s innovation. The two, if combined together, will inspirecreative thoughts surprisingly. The augmented-reality technology is just the outcome of theircombination. Human feel the world with body sensors, but change the world with imagination.Today, human have built a virtual world with computer technology. Virtual objects in thisworld richen our living space. From drawing, images, virtual reality to today’s augmentedreality, it is requiring more reality from the virtual space. So, how is the technology applied tothe art and what kind of new art forms will it present? We shall pay much attention to thisfield and study about it.This subject is about the artistic presentation of the augmented reality in public space. Startingwith immersive visual experience of images, in this paper, it analyzes the development historyof image media then introduces the augmented reality, an image presentation way with strongsense of reality.In this paper, it studies the development process of the augmented reality and its applicationsin art from home and abroad while laying emphasis on the art works highlighting the sense ofreality in actual environment with different technologies in different conditions. Referring tothese works, it states the theory of the augmented-reality technology and the requirements forrelevant equipments. In this paper, it displays the unique art visual effects of theaugmented-reality technology in public environment as well as its advantages compared withvirtual reality. The practice of augmented reality establishes an extraordinary form of art.Generally, traditional art is higher than the reality and even separated from reality, based onthe difference of imagination and reality. By contrast, the art of augmented reality comes in atotally different way, based on the combination of imagination and reality, which is neithertotally real nor purely virtual. The augmented reality creates new forms of art in display,games, statues and other public elements. This paper is expected to popularize the publicdomestically of the augmented reality and also offer a new direction and a new thought for theyoung generation of art workers in creating virtual reality.
Keywords/Search Tags:augmented reality, effects, public space, images, virtual technology
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