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Research On Chinese Jade Works Culture Of Virtual(Augmented)realistic Experiences

Posted on:2020-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By analyzing the current situation of application development of augmented reality and virtual reality,the existing technical conditions are comprehensively analyzed.Observe the combination of augmented reality and virtual reality with the Chinese jade culture,sort out and construct the corresponding logical framework.Promote the digitized display of augmented reality and the virtual reality development architecture design in the comprehensive research of developing the demand and realizing the technical means.Finally,the entire study is summarized,and the logical diagram of the application of "three-axis analysis" is obtained.The logic diagram provides a reference for the future application and development of a reasonable way.By means of scene observation and referring to the research methods of service design,this paper analyzes the combined contact of Jade made culture and virtual(enhanced)reality.Build experience blueprint and experience sketch,and finally come to experience the prototype,for the next virtual(enhanced)reality of the development of a clear direction.Use Unity3 D software as the main development tools to explore in-depth,come to Jade made cultural experience elements and application development points.After finishing the analysis of the technical elements,combined with Unity3 D and SDK toolkit integrated development.Successfully completed augmented reality digital jade display and used it as the research logic to construct the development framework of virtual reality development.In the multivariate analysis of Jade made culture and virtual reality(augmented reality),this paper summarizes the application and research methods of "three-axial analysis".Technology and art will be more integrated approach to the goal-oriented design and application of the relevant research.Through systematic collation analysis,reasonable theoretical support is provided for the development of virtual reality.Whether the expression of Jade made culture through virtual(augmented)reality technology depends on the integrity of the contact analysis depends on the systematic thinking to comprehensively consider the relevant elements of the technique.Through the deconstruction of elements to find the necessary combination of contacts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Jade made culture, Triaxial analysis, Cultural experience
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