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Research On The Application Of Virtual Reality Technology In Public Art Creation And Display

Posted on:2019-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This essay is about researching the process of creation and application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology using in the design of public art.By considering the present situation of public art design industry and the urban public art,we propose by using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to increasing the methods of creation and changing the way of public art exhibition.In this case,we could improve the present status of public art.After that,we used the methods by open investigation and interviews,item analysis,exploration and preliminary application research of the techniques.By Creatively selecting the techniques which were needed in public art creation and presentation,we tried to applied the technologies.Researching and reflecting on the development of both domestic and international public art industry,the author finds that the Chinese public art industry and urban public art has made great progress.But there are still many problems need to be solved and these has led to one to another discussions of domestic public art academic problems.From 2004 "Public art in China" academic forum,talking about building an academic exchange platform that belongs to the public art itself.Until 2016“Art leads urban innovation”the first public art and urban design international summit forum,the purpose is to explore the methods and means of artistic intervention and leading "urban innovation".It can be seen that public art scholars focus on the urban construction,the communication platform and the relationship between the public themselves.As a scholar of this discipline,we sum up the obstacles and problems in the creation and presentation of public art which is including high environmental requirements,different kinds of materials and expensive hardware devices.There are also many problems in artistic creation such as site limitation,costing a lot of materials and sometimes having security risk.There are also some problems with the art proposal.The way of art presentation is often simple and not intuitionistic enough.Because we always need to show the works to the non-professionalism people,it could build communication barriers sometimes.We also need to face the problem of the public engagement.In the construction of the city,the masses could not be sufficiently involved.They do not have the right of evaluation of the urban art works.And there is not a specific platform for public art academic exchange and discussion yet.Aiming at the above problems,the author proposes to apply virtual reality and augmented reality technology to the solution of public art design.Virtual reality and augmented reality technology can not only provide an immersive and intuitive display mode for public art,but also provide a variety of creative platforms for public art designers.After my practical research,consulting lots of related technical literature and operating the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses and capture device,I also studied the software unreal engine 4for half a year.In this case,in a comprehensive understanding of the related software what they canachieve and the future direction of technique,we analyzes the demands and feasibility of this technology in the application of public art.And in the background of the era of virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology,we are going to change the way of creation and proposal of public art projects,increase the teaching methods of public art,and promote the development of urban public art.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public art design, Virtual reality technology, Augmented reality technology, Immersion, Applicability
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