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The Trial Data:Dissimilation Of Fair Trial Judge Standard

Posted on:2013-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since2004, The high court of Jiangsu Province widely implement the trial quality efficiency index system and assessment mechanism, in the court of the province. It contains the quality of trial efficiency evaluation, the quality of case, the Rating of referee Instrument, the quality of The trial etc., one of the most notable is the quality of trial efficiency evaluation system. By more than30specific indicators design and statistical, it aims to achieve entity justice and procedure justice of equal importance, also both the unification of legal effect and social effect. But in eight years practicing, the courts at all levels gradually enter the "Digital Age", who to develop the expected index data every year to cases of success or failure. At the same time, decompose the case task to each position, also the work responsibilities to each individual. Based on this, the basic level judges working pressure is more and more, working enthusiasm is less and less, fatigue and boredom emotion filled the entire court system. The aims of this thesis is through the actual data description, reflection of the trial quality efficiency evaluation system in the actual operation of the existing problems, and expect to be improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:trial quality efficiency, justice, efficiency, intorspection
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