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Analysis Of The Reasons Of High Incidence Of Military Coup In Thailand

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since its first military coup in Thailand in1932, there have been altogether19coups,17constitutions,26general elections, with24prime ministers and50cabinets. Therefore, its modern history is a history ofmilitary coups, which is orthy of further analysis. The military coups ever happened in Thailand areintroduced in this thesis through collections of modern historical literature. Factors including the causesof19coups, the patterns of regime changes, casualties and its effects are presented in the forms. Byintroducing the historical facts of those military coups, some features have been summarized in this thesis,including strikes that often happened, failures that less took place, patterns that diversified and strikesfrequency that dropped. On this basis, the military coups frequently happened in Thailand is discussedlater in the thesis that, from both military and political views. The reasons are the dominant militaryforce, the fierce sectarian clashes, the weak civilian governments, and the immature political powersystems. In addition, the traditional military intervention in politics, military structure and domesticconstitutional establishment are also closely related. It is of great significance to study the causes, rulesand features of military coups in Thailand, which is a typical country, to provide reference to thosedeveloping countries undergoing their political reforms. Therefore, the dual purposes, theoretically andpractically, are obvious to study the history of military coups in Thailand from the perspective of forcestructure and political power pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:Thailand, Military coups, Military government, Civilian government
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