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Tianquan Settlements Of Dagangshan Hydropower Station Capacity Research

Posted on:2013-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425451138Subject:Agricultural resource utilization
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Reservoir resettlement problems water conservancy is one of the critical issues of hydropower construction project. Analysis the resettlement area environment capacity correctly must be according to the local natural resources, ecological environment, social customs, religious, cultural factors such as the quality of the labor force. It is a basis to make a scientific and rational resettlement planning foundation and an important means of the solution to the immigration problem.This paper choose ChengJia wo, GaoXi tou, SunJia gang and YanFeng in DaGang mountain of Resettlement hydropower station landscape power station and research the environmental capacity of county four sites. In the basis of evaluating the four sites of land utilization, soil fertility, infrastructure and production. On the basis of it, design the resettle population capacity and propose some advices and suggestions to the Facilities of engineering, and predict the level of product and live after resettle. The results are followed:The four sites have plenty of cultivated land resources and the land of resettlement area has the potential for immigrants to adjust and expand cultivated land. The soil fertility are in the national agriculture geographic level between the division standard of good and best, and is helpful for the improvement of agricultural productive, to meet the demand for food placed immigration provide conditions. The four sites rank the living level above the average, the population migration has certain capacity.In the comprehensive analysis evaluation relocation areas on the basis of current situation of resettlement capacity calculation, besides land condition, the land capacity of the four sites in "Well-off society" standard are567immigrants,304immigrants,274immigrants and163immigrants respectively. And combining with other limiting factors, the relocation areas for environmental capacity, the four sites can offer87immigrants,54immigrants,53immigrants and62immigrants,256people in total. Contrast land capacity and environmental capacity calculation results, it can be seen that, land is the key factors of controlling role in the calculation of resettlement capacity. Therefore, in the resettlement, we must solve the good land problem. And the four sites for the actual population are129,82,82,105and a total of398people for immigrants. Visible, the actual placed population capacity calculation results accord with land, but beyond the environmental capacity actual population for operators.In the calculated on the basis of resettlement capacity, design for the size of the population and planning facilities and amount, proposes the counter measure and the suggestion, such as residential areas on the design of three people in small family model is given priority to, drainage facilities to consider convenient into digester problem, etc. Forecast after living standards for immigration, the results showed that the four sites average production and living standard immigration beforehand assessment (GDP) are close to one, and improved compared with before, immigrant population and the original population life all are in the level of production high. The four sites are all in the environment of the immigrants are within acceptable limits, and to a certain extent, is conducive to the local social and economic development, resettlement can achieve a win-win situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resettlement Relocation, Environmental Capacity, Relocation Countermeasures
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