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The Research Of Pubugou Hydropower Hanyuan Settlements

Posted on:2013-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425451147Subject:Agricultural resource utilization
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Hydropower resources development and utilization can not be separated from the water conservancy and hydropower construction projects, and reservoir resettlement has become the key to hydropower development in the smooth implementation and success. China is the world largest Hydroelectric Project Resettlement country, It is very necessary to carry out the resettlement research..The paper selected Pubugou Hydropower Hanyuan settlements as objects resettlement. Combined with regional natural, social and economic conditions, Analysis and evaluation of soil fertility, land use, infrastructure, land consolidation results and production standard of living status in Hanyuan County and Datian concentrated resettlement area, Renjiawan centralized resettlement area, Luobogang centralized resettlement area and adjust farmland transplanting resettlement area. Calculate production resettlement population and relocation population, And the use of land population carrying capacity and the method of O&I resettlement environmental capacity analysis, Design the resettlement program on the basis. Draw the following conclusions:In Datian, Renjiawan, Luobogang centralized resettlement area of soil fertility quality index, Soil fertility is medium slant on, In order to meet the demand for food after resettlement provides conditions. Current land use is Hanyuan resettlement areas have a certain amount of arable land available for resettlement, But there are low coefficient of Reclamation (<35%), single Agricultural planting structure, low land productivity, land to flood land and increase farm-based part of the next wet fields, Infrastructure is yet to be perfected, Chronic water shortages, need for better development and utilization.Research area to make resettlement work for the land development and consolidation, Including the land unknotting work, irrigation and water conservancy engineering, road traffic engineering, etc. Liusha river land consolidation is divided into6blocks, like Xiangxizui Distribution area, Fuzhuang Distribution area, Baihe Distribution area, Xiangyang Distribution area, Mulin Distribution area and Ganxiba Distribution area. Through the land consolidation, Datian newly developed2032acres of arable land, mainly for dryland. The transformation of the existing dry land and2801mu of paddy fields,5035mu of the transformation of the original garden, Add2357mu of woodland. So as other Resettlement area, although the amount is not the same.The analysis of production and living standards shows that of the study area Agricultural income to total revenue in the42.61%, In total expenditure, expenditure for agriculture accounted for10.24%. Rural labor culture in junior high school and above accounted for more than50%, Labor force engaged in farming and work, half-farming and small business, pure and tertiary industries, nearly40%. Acceptance and recognition ability of the original inhabitants of the resettlement. The production settlement population calculated for47016, Resettlement population is58916. Through the land population bearing capacity calculation and O&I method to calculate the resettlement of population capacity respectively for25507people (Datian is9289, Renjiawan is1886, Luobogang is7551, Swap arable drop resettlement areas is6781) and10747(Datian is870, Renjiawan is426, Luobogang is1327, Swap arable drop resettlement areas is8124). The huge difference in the two calculation methods because O&I more factors to consider than the land carrying capacity method, Limiting factors play a greater. O&I calculated swap arable drop the environmental capacity of resettlement area greater than the land bearing capacity calculations Due to O&I requirements of the original residents resettlement effect must be controlled in a certain range, In order to maintain the stability and development of resettlement area, Swap arable land drop placement in various townships scattered resettlement, Will not cause too much of the original residents.On the basis of this planning resettlement scheme. Resettlement programs, including the production resettlement planning and relocation planning. The production resettlement program is designed to solve the centralized resettlement areas and swap farmland drop resettlement areas planning, As well as supporting water conservancy facilities planning issues; the relocation planning involves residents tap point, resettlement standards, infrastructure requirements.
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