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The Perfect Of Chinese Rural Land ProPerty Rights System

Posted on:2013-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s rural collective land ownership system experienced a long process of the formation and development. As system of socialist market economy build, this system also gradually. In a specific embodiment the rural land rights laws are not yet system, is not science, particularly in relation to the system of rural collective land ownership provisions, the existence of laws and legal work to adapt to the development of market economy, the law is not the problem such as the system, become the bottleneck that restricts rural economics development. Therefore solve the problem of rural collective land ownership in China, the rural economy society and the development of the whole country is of great significance.In this paper, except the introduction and conclusion, is divided into three parts.The first part, reviewed our country rural collective land ownership system changes, its analysis of existing problems. China’s rural collective land ownership system has experienced the agricultural cooperation movement, the people’s commune, domestic couplet is produced contract in three stages. Each stage of the land policy are adapted to the special background and practical situation, has its history inevitability. But with the development of socialist market economy system reform, the collective ownership system of rural land ownership main body is unidentified object exposed to illegal behavior, fuzzy, inadequate supervision etc.. Defects in restricting the rural economic development speed.The second part, through using the method of literature of the scholars on the perfection of the system of rural collective ownership schemes are analyzed, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various scheme. Then point out the existing system should adopt progressive improvement.The third part of the rural collective land problems and related scholar reforms, pointed out the rural collective land ownership system objectives and principles and put forward to perfect our country’s collective land ownership system specific measures. In fairness, efficiency principle, maintain the existing system of rural collective land ownership, clear rural collective land ownership main body, implementation of rural collective land ownership of power, and promote the rural collective land ownership system and rural land contract management system, rural land system and rural social security system unified.The innovation of this article lies in the comparison method to analysis of current land tenure system reform train of thought, put forward rural land ownership in China should be in advance, in the maintenance of existing rural collective land ownership system on the basis of improvement, in order to better adapt to the rural society and the State Development and progress. The inadequacies of this article are:due to time and space limits the lack of extensive field research, the depth of research still needs to be improved.
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