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The Practice Exploration For Village Level Organizations Building During The Urbanization Process

Posted on:2014-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Village level organizations are significant for the development of all the undertakings like economy, society, politics etc. As a new district less than20years, the Village level organizations of Longwen District of Zhangzhou City developed late with weak foundation. As one of the central urban areas in Zhangzhou city, Longwen District, with the situation that Zhangzhou City center moving eastward, the urban integration of Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou speeding up, and city construction changing rapidly, is facing the new opportunities and challenges. Under the new situation, how to enhance the overall strength of village level organizations according to the practical condition of Longwen District, is an issue which is worth to be considered and discussed.Firstly, based on the necessity analysis of enhancing village level organizations building, this paper reviews and analyzes the development process of the village level organizations since Longwen District was established, introduces the main building methods of village level organizations of Longwen District, and summarizes the main experiences of the village level organizations building; Secondly, through the analysis of related data and cases, the effect of village level organizations building of Longwen District is summarized in politics, economy and society, and the role of enhancing on village level organizations building is stated on all the undertakings of economy and society of Longwen District; Thirdly, this paper discusses the problems existing in village level organizations building of Longwen District in4aspects including those factors of Individual, internal, external, and institutional, and analyzes the effect of lagging of village level organizations building; Finally, on the basis of establishing the principle of the village level organizations building, specific ways are proposed including strengthening the foundation of village level organizations building, playing the role in safeguarding the system construction, improving the operation mechanism of the village level organizations and enhancing village level organizations building of Longwen District.
Keywords/Search Tags:Longwen District of Zhangzhou City, Village level organizations building, Achievement and problems, Promotion strategy
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