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Investigation Of The Current Situation Of The Development Of Education In Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer Piano

Posted on:2016-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330464466092Subject:School of music and dance
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With the development of social economy,Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer City People’s life level also gradually improve. The artofmusic also ran to open cluster in this piece of fertile land.More and more children the promotion of quality education through, alsoare involved in piano education study.In such a big environment,more and more people like piano music education,piano education Bameng region also quicklydeveloped,people to learn the piano to raise self-cultivation and quality cultivation.This paper takes Bayannaoer city as an example,many schools and piano school was listed as the research object,the piano education is Bayannaoer City,according to each school’s teaching methods,teaching contents and teaching effect of theseaspects to design the questionnaire,because the geographical advantage also the field survey of Bameng area, record the actual data,reflect the current situation of the development the piano education the most real in this area,and the piano educationproblem of their thoughts and opinions. The region has many schools and thedevelopment of piano school education is relatively slow,due to uneven teachers andteaching ability,lack of qualified teachers,teachers are teaching content and the use of the materials is not abundant,teaching methods are monotonous,the students do not have a clear purpose of learning and motivation in the process of learning the piano,only the value of the piano grading test, as well as the repertoire of CMA,not the students learning piano basic education as the focus.Combing and analysis ofstudents’ attitude and positive state,only to find out the existing problems,in order to make a clear analysis and find the solution to the problem and ways. List therationalization proposals,on piano education in the research on the current situation of the development of the local area,on the piano business level,teaching methods, teaching to explore ideas and make reasonable analysis the reason and find theproblems and the ways to solve the problems and to make reasonable suggestions,provides a reference for the development of Bayannaoer City, the piano education,promoting the local area piano education gradually to the development of better walk on the road.The innovation of this paper: on the one hand, fill the vacancy, theresearchers, after the value of resources available to at the same time,also put forwardown opinion for the development of piano education in Bayannaoer city.The full text is divided into five parts. The first part, introduction. Starting from theresearch goal and the significance as well as research objects and methods, make anoverview and description of the whole; the second part, investigation and analysis of present situation of piano education in Bayannaoer.By using the method of questionnaire,interview,literature and data statistics,the city ofBayannaoer Professorcourse teacher,learning the piano students and parents of students learning the pianofor investigation and analysis of the third part, in-depth; existing problems in pianoeducation in Bayannaoer city.Through carries on the investigation to the teachers,students and parents of students learning the piano,summarized and sorted out in thisarea exists in piano education problems. The fourth part,on the piano piano education in Bayannaoer City,teaching ideas and training objectives, thinking and countermeasure, content and teaching mode,the use of teaching materials,teachersand other aspects of the.The fifth part, conclusion.Sums up the whole thesis,for localpiano education development contribute.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bayannor city, Piano education development, Present situation and development
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