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Study On The Online Parallel Administrative Examination And Approval Of Guangzhou Construction Project

Posted on:2015-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of e-governancein China, and continueddeepening reform of the administrative examination and approval system, thetraditional Chinese way of administrative approval has been unable to meet the needsof social and economic development, reform and innovation will be the main theme ofthe development of China’s administrative approval. As an e-governance application inthe field of administrative examination and approval, online administrativeexamination and approval mode began to appear in the public eye, onlineadministrative examination and approval rely on modern information technology,which put the declaration, acceptance, query and other works of administrativeexamination and approval on the Web. This approach provides convenience for thepublic, improve the efficiency of the government and make the administrative approvalprocess more open and transparent. However, many cities’ online administrativeexamination and approval systems only provide an entrance for the application ofexamination and approval items, the core part of theexamination and approval work isstill in the original way across departments, which not achieve truly change. On thisbasis, online parallel administrative examination and approval is a further innovation.Online parallel administrative examination and approval system is bases on thegovernment affairs center, emphasizing the use of government process reengineeringand information technology, change the original serial administrative examination andapproval process to parallel,each examination and approval departments workindependently and link together by complete process, which not only improve theefficiency but also realize the information sharing. In addition, this approach alsoinherited the advantages of online administrative examination and approval;improvethe quality and efficiency of public services.The current practice of online parallel administrative examination and approval isstill in the exploratory stage, the establishment of regime and application of technologyis not yet mature, so this paper uses the existing theory to study the newbornadministrative examination and approval system, trying to get some useful suggestions for the future development of administrative examination and approvalthrough theanalysis of case.This paper regards the government process reengineering theory and holisticgovernance theory as the theoretical basis. Firstly, detailed describe the concept andfeatures of Online parallel administrative examination and approval system, comparedwith the traditional pattern of administrative examination and approval, concludedthe main value obtained for its implementation; under the support of the above theory,this paper focus on Guangzhou construction project parallel examination and approval,has a detailed description and summarize the problems of this project in practice, thenanalyses the causes of these problems; finally, aiming at solve problems that exist inGuangzhou construction project parallel examination and approval, by combining thetheory argument mentioned above, this paper provides some suggestions for the furtherdevelopment of China’s online parallel administrative examination and approval.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online parallel administrative examination and approval, Processreengineering, Holistic governance, Reform of the administrative examination andapproval system
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