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Research On Improving The Subsidies Standards Of The Disabled Person In Town Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2015-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428457459Subject:Social security
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People with disabilities are a group which could not share the equal chances andrights on social life due to their physiological defects, so to provide guarantee of basiclife makes it as the foundation of their much happier life and of the rights to surviveand development. Meanwhile, the standard of social security disability lies on basiclife demand; financial compensation with low level will affect the disabled basic lifewhile a high level may bring not only unnecessary public burden but also negativeeffect on their lives. So setting a scientific subsidy standard means a lot on sharingsocial development fruits for the disabled person, and as well that is an issue whichcalls for resolving in a hurry in the period of developing social security system andbuilding harmonious society.To set an effective financial compensation and to resolve the widespreadcoexistence of high life cost but with low income, this paper sufficiently analysisstatistical data of the disabled level of income and expense, which tries to offerprinciples and suggestions of compensation and with a aim at turning out their lives tobe a better living situation.Based on the data from Hebei Statistical Yearbook and Hebei Province DisabledWell-Off Process Inspection Report, this paper, firstly, analysis the current livingsituation of disabled person in the cities and towns of Hebei province and figure outthat there is a certain gap between cities and towns; and then, a scissors difference isgiven based on the extended linear expenditure model which measures the basic lifecost of the disabled both in cities and towns, following with the conclusion that thosein towns with a low income level but with a high living cost level are much more thanthose in cities; and further demonstration is made on the necessity and urgency ofimplementing the financial subsidies. Finally, principles are given based on themeasured conclusion from the extended linear expenditure model. Beneficial ownersand subsidy standard are made for sure under the reference of the lowest life securitystandard. And all that provide the reference to develop the level of disabled subsidystandard in cities and towns of Hebei Province.Based on the conclusion above, suggestions in the following are: specialfinancial subsidies are established in case that insisting on government-dominant;disabled with low income are benefited in advance and people with serious disabilitiesare supposed to be placed a high priority on the their protections; develop the disabledlife security with the social united strength. This paper is aimed at raising thesubsidies standard of the disabled person and making contributions on improving theliving level of the them.
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