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Investigation On Rural Community Construction In Yueqing, Wenzhou

Posted on:2014-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428459689Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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By the end of June,2011, the total number of townships in Wenzhou had greatly dropped from290to140by undergoing readjustment, cutting and merging of some villages and towns. Meanwhile, the transformation, merging and union of rural organizations and new rural community development had implemented simultaneously. In June2011, some departments of Yueqing city jointly formulated Principle of enhancing the standardization construction of service center for the convenience of the citizens (Yue Ji Fa [2011] No.7), and it drew the prologue of rural communities construction of17townships in Yueqing. Rural communities construction in Yueqing is that merging the near villages into a community to be managed by rural community center which have administrative authority, and change the governance model from "township-rural" to "township-communities-rural". Through the decentralization of powers, the rural community center can perform some or most of the township functions, making it to be a new platform which could provide grass-roots social management and services. However, the building of rural communities is a new thing for Yueqing, and it is still in the "trial and error" phase. Although the organizational framework has been basically set up, the establishment of the management system, the perfection of organization, the carry out of function, sustainable development and so on still required to further theoretical and practical adjustments. Few theoretical researches on the building of Yueqing rural communities is available, especially the comprehensive survey of the system. The purpose of this study is to investigate rural community construction of Yueqing in detail by following up real-time process of its construction, using survey and interview, literature research, case studies and other research methods, combined sociology, demography, administration, law and other areas of knowledge. It is divided into the following four parts:theories and practices of rural community development, construction status of Yueqing rural communities, problems of Yueqing rural communities construction, and strategies of Yueqing rural community development.Part I:It is summarized the concept of communities as well rural communities, and rural communities construction at home and abroad. In addition, it is introduced the research background, significance, research methods and ideas.Part Ⅱ:Construction status of Yueqing rural communities were analyzed based on the construction mode, organizational structure, safeguards for promoting, and effectiveness of Yueqing rural community construction.Part Ⅲ:It pointed out the existing problems in the construction through field investigation and analysis, such as thinking and understanding of the system operation, staffing, fund raising, functional operation, long-term development issues.Part Ⅳ:Learning from the successful experience on the rural community building and combining the current building of Yueqing rural communities actual situation, it was put forward that people in the community should further increase publicity efforts to expand community people involved in the construction of rural communities, and vigorously development of civil society organizations, highlighting the construction of rural communities and personalized, rich rural community functions, pointed out the set strict including personnel, funding, operational functions, device management, supervision and evaluation aspects of the system design, etc.. In this study, it was proposed that the establishment of rural communities can not be short-lived, and need long-term sustainable development, especially in the staff complement, and run up preparations for funding should be innovative ways to run fund raising, creating the movement of persons, complement system, so the building of Yueqing rural communities to become truly increase administrative efficiency, convenient mass production and life of one of social management and innovation in the field of rural community development initiatives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yueqing rural community, rural community centre, social management, innovation, long-lasting
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