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The Study Of The Disabled Community Services:Current Situation,Prombles And Stratigies

Posted on:2014-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a citizen, the Disabled should enjoy the same rights as the common beings. However, they are always stayed at a disadvantage stage in their common life,social contact,public traffic or vocational life due to the function lose of physical and mental. Community services,as the important component part of the social supporting system,act as a vital role in the realization of rights and interests of the disables,besides it also provide a point of strength for the government to prop up the enterprise of the handicapped.The State Council has already emphasized to strive to advance the course of community services in communities and actively build the service network for the disables in the documents of construction two systems which contains both the social security and social services.In the international stage,there is similar requirements.World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons(WPA),Convention on the rights of Persons with Disables(CPD) and some others all mention work in the community for the disables.Apart from this,guarantee the handicapped from the community,is also conformed with the requirements of the working model transformations from the medical model to the social a result,the disabled services in community will be endowed with important meanings and will become the tremendous trend in the world wide.Firstly, this paper goes forward with systematic introduction and summary based on the history and present research status of community services for people with disabilities, and grasp the specific content, supply and demand, regional status macroscopically. At the same time, analysis the traditional welfare care style combined with China’s national conditions, from service contents, service main body, the purpose of the services, and clear position the development of community services for the disabled in China. It provides the theoretical foundation of expanding empirical disabled community service research.Secondly, as a frontier region of economic development in China, Zhejiang province earlier launched the disabled community service, the advanced experience in practice shows an example of other areas. This paper sums up results and experiences by periodic analyzing the disabled community service of Zhejiang, it provides other regions the feasibility of experience for reference.Since the figures used in this article from the national and provincial government’s monitoring data in past years, it’s authoritative, but lack of deep explanation of typical community. So this paper chooses10communities in5cities of Zhejiang by comprehends the factors like economic development, community service level, distribution for the disabled. There are four urban communities and six rural communities. The investigation for the disabled is based on questionnaire survey, and it uses interview survey in the investigation for community institutions of the disabled. Through the analysis of the questionnaire and the historical monitoring data for the disabled, it indicates that the condition in different regions is not yet at a balanced level、the supply of the service is not that seientific,and the people be with this service keeps unilateral recognition.and then respectively analyze the possible reasons.At last, this paper based from a strategic level,trying to build a long-range target in the enterprise of the disables for our country,and combined with the experiences from Australia, Japan and Hongkong District,offer detailed suggestions in the practice of disabled community services.
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