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A Study On The Competitive Selection System Of The Party And Government Leading Cadres From The Perspective Of Mass Line

Posted on:2015-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R T YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428468321Subject:National Governance and examination system
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Current competitive selection system on leading cadres of party and government is dated back to1980th, whose context is set in the Third Plenary Session of the11th Central Committee of the CPC, in which the keynote of our country shifts to the route of economic initiative and the reform of political&economic system is also underway in the process of implementing the policy of opening to outside. Regulation on Cadre Selection and Appointment of the Party and Government enforced in2002,has learnt experience from open selection and competition in a whole country, with several years exploring, the way to selection of cadre at first time is listed in the rule. Then, the Interim Provisions on Open Selection of Party and Government and the Interim Provisions on Competition of Party and Government have been enacted in2004one after another; the Outline of Exam on Selection and Competition of Party and Government which has been also revised twice, during2004and2009, respectively, initially formed the institution system of competitive selection. And the Reform of Planning Outline,2010-2020points out the competitive selection system on leading cadres of party and government should be enhanced and the way of selection on competition adopted is no less than one third. The Third Plenary Session of the18th Central Committee of the CPC profoundly points out that the reform goes deep only if the strong organization and talents are bolstered. Make each aspect outstanding cadres emerge fully by adhering to the principle Of placing cadres under Party supervision, deepening the reform of the cadre and personnel system, building the effective and easy system Of selection. Selecting the cadre with firm faith, service consciousness, diligence and pragmatic, responsibility, incorruptibility through improving the way of competitive selection, correcting the phenomenon Of selecting cadres through the ticket and score firmly.In the course of evolution of competitive selection system on leading cadres of party and government, which contains the Mass Line, and it is dormant line hidden in system innovation. Therefore, the Mass Line is the logic start in studying the competitive selection system. This thesis tried to compare the traditional selection system of cadre of party and government with the modern competitive selection system, so as to figure out the limit elements which obstruct efficiency and dynamics in dealing with the selection of cadre and to find the wrong of mechanism, via the viewpoint of the Mass Line, all of these done by analysis on the value orientation, system design, operation and system perfect. Finally, this thesis carried out a way of consummating the competitive selection system on leading cadres.The first part of this thesis theoretically analyzed the competitive selection system on leading cadres of party and government. The logic between the competitive selection and the Mass Line can be divided into three parts as explanation for the essence of the Mass Line, the content of the competitive selection system on leading cadres of party and government, as well as competitive selection based on the Mass Line.The second and third part of this thesis analytical framework matters the relationship between the Mass Line and competitive selection system, and digs out the value, design and operation, In the third part, choose three cases to analyze the topic of this thesis through direct selection in county level in Pinxiang, test in deputy office in Shenzheng, competitive selection in Jiangbei district Ningbo, all of which mirror the competitive selection system on leading cadres positive to ignite the mass to select proper client. And fulfilling the science and democracy in competitive selection system is also to stick to the Mass Line.The fourth part of this thesis referred to the reform thought and measures in motion, choice, and appointment on competitive selection system based on the former parts.
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